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Summer Bloggin’ 9 of 14 {The Way VBS}

Week 7:

Each year for the past six years a group from Second Baptist Church has come into Countryside to host a VBS. Last year they came soon after we moved in and we did not have a chance to pair up with them. This year we helped plan and facilitate the effort and even got t-shirts!

In years past, the group has simply found a vacant yard and held VBS there on the grassy sand. This year we gladly opened up The Connection and had a great time with the team. Simple Bible stories and crafts were shared and the event was closed out with a water day—complete with a real, water-squirting fire truck!

Two of the highlights of the week were the free haircuts and the school supply giveaway. The kids also made birdhouses and the girls learned how to jump rope. We are blessed to partner with so many local bodies that believe in outreach and meeting the needs of their community.


Each night before the team would leave, they would gather for prayer. Asher volunteered to pray one night. His maturity and compassion showed and it was an encouragement to us as his parents. He prayed thanking Jesus that the volunteers came to love on our friends and that our friends would ask Jesus into their hearts. We all left feeling uplifted and my heart was full.


 Jesus said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.

Mark 10:14-16
















To God be all the Glory!


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Summer Bloggin’ 8 of 14 {A Visitor and Fancy Nails}

Week 6 ½:

I have this friend that I met through a job a few years ago. She and I have kept in contact a little, but I do think of her often. We were texting one day and she told me she had been reading the blog and was catching up on our life in Countryside. She had been thinking a lot about her daughter and the comfortable lifestyle they live. She asked me what I thought about letting her daughter come to stay with us for a few days to see what life is like when things aren’t as comfortable.

It was a pleasure for us to host this young lady. She was very quiet, but I think she was very observant. A lot of opportunities presented themselves those few days that showed her a life unlike her own. She saw children reaching out for love. She saw hungry adults. She saw a different language and a different set of morals. But most of all, hopefully she saw the hands and feet of Jesus at work.

Speaking of hands at work, during that time I hosted an online Jamberry Nails party. A perk of hosting was that I got some free samples to try. I donned my nails and was asked about them very regularly at the grocery store and at church. They are, in fact, super cute, don’t ya think?!


And not only was I asked about my nails when I was at Food Lion, but also in the neighborhood. These ladies LOVED the Jamberry!

My nails came in the mail and I had an extra set of teenage hands at the house while our visitor was there. I thought it was the perfect time to bless my neighbor friends. I called some ladies and little girls to the house and we had our very own Jamberry party—complete with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.


As I was trimming each nail and pressing the wrap down, I prayed for these precious hands. I prayed that they would feel the love that we shared and they would love others the same. I prayed that their hands would be the touch that someone else would need and that they would use them to do God’s work.


It truly was a special and unique opportunity to love on our neighbors. I am thankful that God’s love can show in many ways—especially when it includes cute nails!


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Summer Bloggin’ 7 of 14 {Crestview VBS}

Week 6:

Crestview Baptist is another of our partnering churches and we were happy to take our kiddos to their Island themed VBS.


I guess our Jesus momentum was going strong, or either the kids were getting really bored with summer, because we took about 40 kids with us to their VBS one night.

I think they really felt the love that is shared at Crestview. It is a great church with great people—all of the churches we work with are.


The last night, Pastor Scott gave a simple Gospel presentation to all the kids. He tied it into the story of Zacchaeus in the Bible and how he wanted to see Jesus so bad that he climbed a tree. By putting forth effort, Zacchaeus was even given the opportunity to dine with Jesus. I know you remember the song. And you are probably singing it right now. But you may not know that there is actually a third verse to that song.

Zacchaeus was a very little man,

But a happy man was he,

For he had seen the Lord that day

And a happy man was he;

And a very happy man was he.

Hearing about Zaccheaus and his happiness in meeting with Jesus resounded in the hearts of some of our kids. They wanted the happiness that can only be found in Jesus.

FIVE of them wanted that happiness and asked Jesus into their hearts that night!

Five sweet girls joined the Family of God and became daughters of The King!


This summer six girls have felt the love of Jesus so profoundly that they met their Savior. This decision did not change their home situations or give them the answers to life’s problems, but it did provide them the best gift of all.

They now have forgiveness, redemption, and salvation.

A Comforter.

An Advocate.

A Provider.

A Convictor.

An Intercessor.

And a surety in knowing they will live eternal lives with Jesus one day!

Pray for those beautiful smiles. That they would fall in love with Jesus more and more and would catch hold of a fulfilling relationship with Him.

What a glorious day!


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Summer Bloggin’ 6 of 14 {New Hope VBS}

Week 5:

After all that celebrating last week, little did we know we would celebrate even more. We went to our church VBS at New Hope to enjoy the Agency D3 theme (again). Most of our Countryside kiddos feel comfortable at New Hope because this is where we take them on a regular basis. They mixed right in very well with the other children and had a great week.


One of the last nights I was standing at the back of the sanctuary and a sweet friend walked up to me with one of our newest Countryside friends. This little one is precious and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. My friend said, “Amber, Lizbeth has something she wants to tell you.”

And with the biggest grin Lizbeth said, “I asked Jesus into my heart.”

Tears fell. Hugs were given. Joy overflowed.

She said she heard all about Jesus last week at Immanuel’s VBS and had been thinking about what they taught her. Then when she came to VBS this week, it all made sense and she knew she had to make a decision.

Now my sweet little Lizbeth has a reason to smile. God is so good!





And the story gets even better tomorrow! (Can you even imagine?!)


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Summer Bloggin’ 5 of 14 {Parade Break}

Week 4

No one locally had VBS planned because it was the week of July 4th. We finally got to take a breather and prop up our feet. Well, not really. You never prop up your feet long around here. There is always something going on that we can get our hands into.

We had planned for a few weeks to have a friend, Angela, come stay with us for the weekend of the 4th. She had some free time and wanted to come encourage us and get a taste of life in Countryside. We had a great time with her. She is so easygoing and fit right into the swing of things.


 On Independence Day we journeyed out to Waxhaw because we heard they had a parade. Being from Faith, NC, I like a good parade. We had President George W. Bush show up in 1992, so we are kinda a big deal when it comes to small town parades. Hey, Waxhaw. Throw some candy and you’ll make the kids happy. And maybe President Bush will visit.



That night we went to a fireworks show at Pleasant Hill Baptist. The kids had a blast riding the see-saw with their friends and running around with sparklers. We took some neighbor kids with us and they enjoyed themselves, too. The fireworks were magical—as magical as you can get when you aren’t in Faith or Disney World.


And we finally wrapped up our weekend Saturday night with a cookout with some great friends. We laughed until we cried. We celebrated with some terribly disappointing fireworks. And we ate our weight in peach cobbler and homemade ice cream. I’d say we had a good weekend!


 Even though there were no scheduled ministry events, God was preparing hearts while America was celebrating. I finally get to tell you something super exciting tomorrow!!

I can’t wait!


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Summer Bloggin’ 4 of 14 {Immanuel VBS}

Week 3:

The next week we picked up with another morning VBS at Immanuel Baptist Church. I loved seeing new faces each week. Some would come back, some wouldn’t. Some we had never met, some we have known for a year. It was a privilege to take these kiddos to learn about Jesus. Immanuel used Lifeway’s Agency D3 theme.



On Sunday morning we all attended church there and saw the “performances” of the week’s songs. My heart was touched to hear these kiddos sing about our Savior.


This man is the Son of God

His hands nailed to the Cross

His plan is for everyone to stand forgiven

He died so that we could live

His life is the love He gives

In Christ, who was crucified, we stand forgiven


It is finished once and for all

It is finished on the Cross


On this third week of summer—with three weeks of Bible teaching under their belts—God was certainly planting seeds…

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Summer Bloggin’ 3 of 14 {Nazareth Outreach}

Week 2 1/2:

The Saturday after Super Hero VBS at Covenant, June 21st, we had a group come in for an outreach event from our church in NC–Nazareth Community Church. Do you know what else happened on Saturday, June 21st?? It was the HOTTEST day in recorded history ever in the whole wide world. Not really, but it felt like it. For real. I am just glad that we had a bunch of troopers with us that day, because it was not one for the faint of heart. Or for the faint of skin. I’m having a hot flash just thinking about it.


Even when the kiddos walked on the ground it felt like the desert–but Anthony had his own solution…


But God did send a great treat to cool us off. The shaved ice man offered up a deal that we couldn’t refuse because he said God has blessed him so much that he wanted to give back. And boy, they were good! (If you need shaved ice for an event, let me know!)


As we wrapped up this second week of summer the kiddos learned more about God’s love because they experienced it through the hands and feet of our friends. The witnessing and face painting and Bible stories and crafts and snacks and recreation all made for a great day.

We were certainly blessed by our friends from Rockwell. There are a bunch of fine people there and we love and miss them dearly. They are our cheerleaders, supporters, & encouragers. It meant a great deal to us to have them take part in God’s work in Countryside. The Hinson’s love you guys!





























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