Testimony Tuesday {Emily Edition}

Testimony Tuesday was an idea that popped into my head at the end of last summer. I am speechless at how God has used it to minister to people, encourage people, and speak to people at different places in their lives. We have heard about missions, adoption, adultery, death, life, submission, and much more. We […]

April Showers

You know the phrase April showers bring May flowers? Well, if what we are doing is considered showering in April, there are gonna be lots of flowers blooming in May! And all this showering–known as ministry–is a big reason as to why I haven’t been able to keep y’all as updated as I would have liked. […]

Happy Easter!

There in the ground His body layLight of the world by darkness slain:Then bursting forth in glorious DayUp from the grave he rose again!And as He stands in victorySin’s curse has lost its grip on me,For I am His and He is mine -Bought with the precious blood of Christ.   We enjoyed a cold […]

I Cannot Stop Speaking

The WMU (Woman’s Missionary Union) is a fabulous organization that encourages women to utilize their spiritual gifts to be on mission for God. It focuses on training women and children, educating churches, motivating women to be about our Father’s business, and praying for these women and missionaries around the world. I am happy to have […]