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"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

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Adah Ruth










Our little Adah Ruth made her appearance into this world on August 12th at 9:34 am. While her arrival via c-section was fairly ordinary, her role in this world is sure to be extraordinary.

Grant and I find it important to choose names for our children that guide our prayers for their lives. Asher Luke meaning “blessed and happy” and coming from the blessing of Moses on the tribes of Israel in Deuteronomy 33:24-25. Evan Grace being shortened from “evangelize: to go and tell of God’s grace”.

So it was only right that our third child would have just as powerful of a name for us to petition qualities for her before The Lord. When we pray for her we wanted specific requests and characteristics that would display God’s presence in her life.

So we came up with Adah Ruth.

Adah: “Adornment, beauty, pleasure”

When we think of the meaning of the name Adah being an adornment or beauty, we think of 1 Peter 3:3-4

 Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear—but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.

We wish for Adah to have a gentle and quiet spirit that is precious in the sight of God. That she would not only be beautiful on the outside, but that her imperishable beauty on the inside would shine like the stars in the sky. We pray for her that her conduct would be one of a soft-spoken and thoughtful woman of God.

Ruth: “Companion, friend, vision of beauty”

In reading and knowing the story of Ruth, we are reminded of so many characteristics this godly woman possessed. Some words that come to mind are obedience, loyalty, confidence, boldness, and meekness. When she stayed by the side of her mother-in-law she displayed loyalty and friendship when she could have packed up and headed home. When she went into the fields she displayed a humble, hard-working attitude while she gleaned in order to have food for her household. And when she went to Boaz at night she displayed both boldness and meekness as she asked him to be her kinsman redeemer. She was certainly a picture of a lovely woman that displayed a gentle and quiet spirit.

When paired with Adah, this brings a beautiful picture of a Christ-filled woman that exudes both confidence and humility at the same time.

Our sweet Adah Ruth, may you come into this world with a beauty that shines for The Lord unlike any we have ever seen. May your adornments be those of a quiet and humble heart that knows how to serve in ways that we never thought of. May you be bold and loyal and know what you need to do at the perfect time. May we, as your family, be your biggest supporters as you join this family that loves to serve God together. You are in for a wild ride as you join up with The Hinson family, but we are sure you will fit right in and God will use your personality, gifts and talents to add more than we ever could imagine to our lives and ministry. We love you so much.



Asher Starts Kindergarten


Just yesterday my little boy was born. It feels like it anyways. I can remember going to the hospital after my water broke. I can remember his first steps. I can remember teaching him his ABCs. And now he is starting school.

IMG_1714In one moment it seems like it can’t be true that 5 1/2 years have passed and in the next moment it seems like he has been ready for kindergarten for years. The feelings are crazy running through my head.

IMG_0150My boy is super intelligent. He is ready for school. He is social and kind and loves to learn. He will excel, that’s for sure. We even chose his middle name “Luke” because in the Bible, Luke was an intelligent physician who authored a Gospel. We prayed this for our child from before he entered the world—that he would be intelligent. And God answered our prayers.

IMG_1619So the other day when we went to purchase school supplies and he carefully chose a red Nike backpack, I knew we were in for a treat. He was so happy to take this first step. He is so excited to venture to school. And because of that, I am happy for him.

Last week he went for kindergarten testing and stayed a whole day. He made it through the cafeteria line, played on the playground, and came home with a green smiley face to show his behavior was acceptable for the day. He was all-smiles as he shared with us his favorite parts of the day and what he did with his new friends. His only complaint was that the tacos in the cafeteria were hard-shell instead of soft-shell.


Monday starts his full-time school schedule. He will be grabbing his backpack each morning for the next few months and heading out into the big world to learn and soak up all the knowledge he can. I trust that God has great big plans for my smart boy. This is only the beginning–I can’t wait to watch it all unfold.

IMG_0151Love you dearly Asher Luke,


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Summer Recap {Women’s Health Clinical}

This summer was not only busy for ministry, but also busy for school. I had a condensed summer class, but don’t be mistaken when I say “condensed”. By “condensed” I mean all the same workload was crammed into 10 weeks instead of 16. This was the hardest semester I have had to manage so far, but it was well worth it.

My class, Women’s Health, was my favorite so far. I really enjoyed the material and the new information, but most of all I enjoyed my clinical rotation. I worked with a terrific midwife at a Community Clinic in Rock Hill. The population was folks I am passionate about and comfortable working with. I was able to provide so much education and support and just to simply listen to people and their struggles. What would often start as a simple well-woman check would end with so much more being shared. I was also excited to use my Spanish to communicate with many patients.

My preceptor was amazing. Her passion for people is contagious and her drive to improve the clinic in order to better serve her patients is uncommon. She is driven and knowledgeable and strives for social justice. I learned so much from her—not only in the area of women’s health, but more so in the way I think and interact with other people. God couldn’t have placed me in a better situation—I’m so glad He knows what He is doing!


As each semester draws to a close I see God using the opportunities I have been given to shape me into a provider that He will use for His glory. I am super excited to see how He will use these last two semesters to mold me even more for His future purpose for our lives.


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Summer Recap {Updates to The Connection}

This summer The Connection has received a great deal of sprucing up, thanks to God’s blessings through generous people in the community. Here is a list of the things we have had the privilege of doing this summer:

  1. A basketball court


2. Painting inside the trailer

(Sorry for no pic, but I promise it looks amazing!)

3. Storage building (Still in process)

4. Fencing around the lot

5. Lawn mower

(And no pic of the lawn mower. Sorry. I should take a pic of the lawn mower. A terrific pastor friend of ours donated it to the ministry–what a blessing!)

God has not only moved in hearts, but He has allowed us to use these physical improvements to better serve our community. Each upgrade/addition will allow us to minister in better and different ways and we are thankful for that. We have already seen how much the basketball court has made a difference. Folks from the community—not even from Countryside—come to play in the afternoons. This is Grant’s zone. He loves to play basketball and he loves to connect with new people. This has been a HUGE ministry tool in just the few short months it has been here. It has allowed people to become aware of the ministry opportunities that happen at The Connection and has allowed them to see Jesus in the way Grant interacts with them. It also gives the kiddos something new to play when they come up for events. We are excited to plan some structured tournaments in the future and use this even more for outreach. What seems like a simple basketball court right now is sure to bring amazing results for the Kingdom!


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Summer Recap {Thumbs Up Thursday & Super Saturday}

Each Thursday during the summer, a different church group would come into Countryside and hold a backyard Bible club at The Connection. Each group was given freedom to do whatever type of lesson and format they liked, we simply requested they teach a Bible lesson and feed the kids lunch. The groups did a great job loving on the kiddos and serving their local community in this way.


Before summer began, a dear family came to us wanting to do something weekly in Countryside as well. They had participated in a camp ministry in the past and wanted to duplicate it in our neighborhood. We had a few meetings and came up with a plan. We named it Super Saturday and decided to try and reach the crowd that we weren’t easily reaching—the high schoolers. Every Saturday night from 6-8pm we held Super Saturday and incorporated some basketball. We taught the International Mission Board’s outreach strategy, Creation to Christ. This format is an 8 part course that outlines the Bible from Genesis to Jesus. The simplified stories are easy to teach and easy to learn and point out the importance of the TRUTH of God’s Word and the sacrifice Jesus made to die for all mankind. We felt the lessons were successful when the kids could easily answer questions about the previous week. Kids are sponges and soaked up so much about Jesus on these weekly events.



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Summer Recap {VBS, Victory Sports Outreach & The Way}

Just like last summer, we packed tons of opportunities in for the Countryside kiddos to learn about Jesus through Vacation Bible School and the like. They attended Crestview Baptist’s Everest VBS, Temple, Sherwood, & Immanuel Baptists’s Journey Off the Map, Victory Sports Outreach Camp, and The Way VBS at The Connection.

Each week was full of Bible lessons, good music, crafts, energy, sweat, and connections. We appreciate these churches for letting our kiddos participate because it exposes them to what a church atmosphere is like. It teaches them to be quiet at the appropriate times and to be reverent at the appropriate times. It teaches that you can have fun in church and can learn lots of new things.

And we also appreciate when leaders and teachers pour into our kiddos’ lives so much that we are able to see things like this happen.


At our church in NC I was a VBS director for a few years and I know how much hard work is poured into making sure every detail is addressed. It is so rewarding to see salvation come from the efforts that were placed to make sure God’s name was lifted high and His Word was taught each night.

These outreach events certainly had an impact on the kiddos in Countryside and we are excited to watch the seeds grow.







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Summer Missions: Lincolnton, NC

This summer we had the privilege of hosting not only one, but two mission teams! Both were churches from out-of-state, and the groups were led by youth-pastor friends of ours. The Alabama team started off the summer for us (you can read about that week here) and the North Carolina team came last week to help out.

The mornings were full of construction-type projects. We painted at a widow’s home, picked up trash in our neighborhood, prayer-walked, built a storage building for The Connection, and put up a safety fence at The Connection. The heat was no joke but the group persevered.








Lunch (and supper) was held at a different church each day. You guys know that when you ask a church to prepare a meal, you get some good stuff! We were fed like royalty all week. We are so grateful for the relationships we have at so many different churches and the love they share for our ministry.

Each afternoon the group hosted a Backyard Bible Camp at The Connection for the Countryside kiddos. It was a fun and HOT time to love on the kids and share Jesus with them. Many, many relationships were formed and many felt the hands and feet of Jesus through this team. It was truly a great time.







To say that the NC team was a blessing would be an understatement. They loved well and served well. They have an enthusiasm and zeal for Christ that you don’t see in many youth groups. The things I heard the youth say to the children of our neighborhood were so mature and life-changing. I caught a few girls sharing scripture with a young girl in our neighborhood. I saw many hugs and smiles and piggy-back rides. And I saw tears on every cheek the day they left and the kiddos were picked up by their parents. These youth gave their ALL last week and we are proud they chose Countryside to serve.


Until next year,



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