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"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

My God is so BIG!

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(This post is a little late, but I have been working on it for a while :))

From the very first day that both of my children entered this world, they have heard this song before bed every night…

My God is so BIG,
There’s NOTHING my God cannot do!

My God is so BIG,
There’s NOTHING my God cannot do!

The mountains are His!
The valleys are His!
The stars are His handiwork, too!

My God is so BIG,
There’s NOTHING my God cannot do!

This song has been on my lips many other times as well…

When I rocked Asher as a baby the first time he had a fever.

When I was 41 weeks pregnant with Evan Grace and didn’t want a c-section.

When I had Evan Grace and she was the beautiful red-headed little girl I dreamed about.

When I am frustrated at how my day is going and can’t seem to get it right.

When I found out I had melanoma.

When I found out I was free from melanoma.

There’s NOTHING my God cannot do!

Lately I have been singing it because God is working in such a mighty way in a friend’s life. Let me explain.

About a year and a half ago, I met Felisha. She was a homeless young mother of four children and was staying with a family from our church who had graciously opened their home to her and the kids. (And might I add, my friend who opened her home ranks among the top three most godly women I have the pleasure of knowing!)
At the time she lived with this family I didn’t really form a relationship with her. She moved out after a while and had an apartment, a job, and her GED.
In November, me and Felisha became friends on facebook–which was very random because I hadn’t seen her or talked to her in quite a while. I really don’t even remember how it came about that I found her, but I realize it was God’s orchestration…My God is so BIG!

One day I got a message from Felisha on facebook and she sent me her number. We began texting and she filled me in on her life in the past year. Some decisions had left her and her kids homeless again and they were living with friends, bouncing from house to house sometimes weekly.

Side note: I have realized lately that I am constantly in need of God’s help and could easily be one bad decision away from being homeless, too…The valleys are His!

As a texting friendship began, Felisha started to realize she needed more help than any human could give. She became aware of her desperation for something much bigger than her. She became desperate for change, and not just financially. She reached rock bottom and reached up to the God who made Heaven and Earth. He reached down and picked up His baby girl as she accepted Him into her life as her Lord and Savior…So STRONG and so MIGHTY!

Soon after, I received a text from her that said she would not be able to get her kids anything for Christmas and it was tearing her up. Without her knowing, I sent out a “private” message to 70ish facebook friends and asked for help. I am proud to have the friends I am blessed with because within seconds my phone was ringing off the hook with offers to help. Within one week we pulled together Christmas for four children and their Mommy and showed them what God’s heart looks like. On Christmas day I just kept picturing them opening all their new clothes and toys and thanking their Mommy for such a good day…The stars are His handiwork, too!

The first week in January brought a new year and a new dilemma. Felisha found herself homeless once again, but was running out of places to go. I knew in my heart I could not let this go on, but I had no idea how to help. To move into her own place she needed almost $800 and we did not have it to spare. I kept telling her I was praying for her and God would work it out, but I honestly did not have any idea how, but…There’s NOTHING my God cannot do!

I called up my dear friend who had opened her home to Felisha the first time and told her the situation. We agreed that we should do something because God had her in our life for a reason. He commands us to help the poor and needy.

We met with Pastor Mike Friday to tell him everything. If the church would commit to this, it will not only be a one-time financial gift, but a huge ministry. It will include financial support, house hunting, job hunting, food buying, babysitting, transportation, form-filling-out, discipleship, encouragement, school starting, health care, and on and on. It was a big commitment, but…My God is so BIG!

Mike’s heart was tender to Felisha and he called an emergency meeting of the Trustees of the church Saturday morning. Once approved by them, I was able to make the exciting phone call to Felisha and tell her to meet us at the church…we had something to tell her! She was so excited!

The next morning Mike’s sermon was about helping others. He also shared that in order to give help, we must draw help from the Almighty Helper! He announced the new ministry and asked the church for their support. Let’s just say every need was met over and abundantly…we have 7 couches and 5 kitchen tables now if we need them…The mountains are His!

In the meantime, Felisha had one more week promised to her where she was and she had to be out…until she got a call that Sunday night that she had to be out Monday afternoon. She told me of the change in plans, but I knew there was no way to get her into a place so soon. With the help and coordination of our great Church Administrator, Felisha and her kids were placed in a hotel for this week to give us time to get more together.

Of course God moved in many hearts and by January 15th, Felisha and her kids not only had a roof over their heads, but it was fully furnished with food bursting out of the cabinets, clothes hanging in the closets, and bikes parked in the driveway!

My God is so BIG,
There’s NOTHING my God cannot do!

These are the things we are called to do as servants and followers of Christ! I was allowed to see first-hand how great and marvelous things can come together when people give of themselves and give for Jesus. Our friend Felisha was baptized two weeks ago and has began a new life as a believer. She has a great job and has married a wonderful man. Her journey is just beginning and she needs our support now more than ever!

I share all this to encourage you to serve God 100%. To give Him ALL of yourself and see the greatness that comes from your obedience to His call on your life. He IS so strong and so mighty…let Him prove that there is NOTHING He cannot do!


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