Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Vomiting and Spiritual Warfare

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Warning: There is a lot of vomit in this post! 🙂
Today we experienced spiritual warfare at its finest. Satan knew God had wonderful things in store for us and he tried his best to stop it from happening.
Evan woke herself up by vomiting. Grant gave her a shower and went upstairs to feed Asher breakfast, where Asher spilled his whole bowl of cereal and had to have a shower. Right when they got out, Evan threw up again. Of course after that she was playing and acting fine, and we had planned to go to Dana’s T friend’s house to have breakfast, so we loaded up Evan and Maddie and headed that way. Right as we pulled into the friend’s driveway, Evan threw up again in the car. Dana brought us home and went back to her friend’s house where Maddie had diarrhea the whole time and when they came home she threw up. WOW! What a morning!
But God showed up anyways!
Dana had a chance to share the gospel with her friend today–and this was only the second time that door has been opened in over a year! She seemed to ask a lot of questions because she has recently had a JW to visit and was confused. Dana was able to minister to her and answer some of her questions. Please pray for this dear lady, that she would come to know Jesus as her Savior and Lord!
Grant spent the day with Andy distributing more fliers in a highly populated T neighborhood. I hope next Wednesday we are able to see the fruit of all their labor and that the movie theater is filled with people seeking Jesus!
Asher continues to play in the snow every chance he gets and after naptime Evan Grace and Maddie were both back to normal. Pray for a good night’s rest for all, as the time change still is causing the kids to wake up throughout the night.
Thanks for your love and the prayers you are emailing us! They are more encouraging than you know! Love you!


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