Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Some catchin’ up to do

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Sorry to leave y’all hangin’!
Got a little delayed because we have had lots of vomiting and diarrhea going on…the victims include Evan Grace, Madalyn, Asher, Dana and myself. Then last night Asher cried all night with an ear ache. I am very thankful that Dr. Lawrence sent us with an antibiotic “just in case” so I started that. We also got some German ear drops for pain…if he comes back with purple hair growing from his ears, that’s why.
Saturday was a day full of prayer. We went to Frankfurt where the movie will be played Wednesday night. The whole mission team met at 1pm and we split up and prayer walked all over the city. We stopped along the way and had our first bratwurst and fried potatoes. I have to say it was extremely tasty!
We then arrived at the movie theater that will be showing the Jesus movie. We split into two smaller groups and went in opposite directions to walk and pray, meeting at the front again. I was immediately overcome with emotion when we began walking and praying around the cinema and the emotion overflowed from my eyes. I couldn’t hear Dana, or her teammate Janice praying, but I was praying and crying, praising God for what He will do Wednesday night at that theater.
Thankfully the Lord opened doors and the church directly across the street from the movie theater has opened its doors for the follow-up on Thursday night. When people come to the movie Wednesday night, they will receive a ticket where they can leave their information so the team can follow-up with them. They also will receive an invitation to hear the T evangelist Thursday night. Pray for the right people to be there and for hearts to be softened.
Monday was our first visit to a sit-down, very old, official German restaurant-Alt Brau-and I had my first schnitzel and kraut. They were so good y’all! I might have to get a recipe and invite all of y’all over to taste this stuff! 🙂
We also spent some time at the grocery store…Aldi. Thought that was funny!
And finally tonight we had the mission team over and fixed up stuff for tomorrow night’s movie. It was fun meeting them all and seeing their servant hearts.
Tomorrow is a big day! Please spend some time praying tomorrow for the movie. Pray for people to come. Pray for those that do come to hear the truth about Jesus. Pray for commitments to Christ! The movie will begin at 3pm y’all’s time. (8pm our time)
I love each of you and can’t wait to share how tomorrow night goes!


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