Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

We have arrived!


We packed up and headed out this morning around 9am. After unloading everything I was tired and overwhelmed. Too tired to put things away and “in their place”, but it had to be done. So I pushed through and made a lot of progress. The kids enjoyed finding everything before I did, such as safety pins, scissors, stickers, and bug spray. No harm was done though, so for that we are thankful! 🙂

Grant went early this morning to have the water turned on, but lo, they never made it out here today…and it’s a holiday weekend…so no water till Tuesday it is. Patrick and Kelly (the pastor and wife at our church-wonderfully kind people) have said we can do laundry and bathe at their house, so we are thankful for that, too.

I also discovered that in cleaning out my “entire house” in Rockwell, I skipped over the pots and pans cabinet. Oops! So no food to go along with no water until I get back to Rockwell Tuesday. 🙂

But, in all that chaos, God brought a HUGE praise! We had just come back from walking (taking a break from inside) and one of our neighbors (Carmen) was standing outside. I introduced myself and the kids and found out quickly that she didn’t speak English. Her kids, Gabriel (7) and Aleondra (6) translated for us until they decided to go play-which didn’t take long for them to decide. Anyways, she invited me inside her home and I was able to visit with her!! Amen and amen!! We tried as hard as we could to communicate with each other and I told her I wanted to learn Spanish. I don’t know if she knew what I was saying. As I was leaving I told her I would see her tomorrow and she seemed happy about that. (Who knows what we really talked about ;)) I was super impressed at how God answered prayers so quickly. We prayed for relationships and more specifically for a relationship with a Spanish-speaking person…and he appears to have opened the door in less than 24 hours! What an awesome God!!

Mom and dad fought their way through race traffic to see us this afternoon-it was a blessing for sure! We went to the local Pizza buffet and it was not disappointing!

The church is starting the remodel on the front trailer tomorrow that we will use for ministry events, bible studies, etc. We are excited about meeting the people and watching the trailer transform into something useable.

It was a good day. An exhausting day, but a good day.

Please pray for Carmen and her kids and for a relationship to form there.
Please pray for our safety as we get acquainted with our new surroundings.
Please pray for us to endure without water.
Please pray for our ability to learn Spanish. Or for someone to feel led to donate Rosetta Stone to us. We would love to have it but cannot spend all that moola.
Please pray for the kids who now share a room…especially at naps and bedtimes.
Please pray for endurance as we unpack to make this our new home.

What can we pray for you? Please email and let us know!

We love you friends!


3 thoughts on “We have arrived!

  1. Sending love & prayers…If God Brings You To It He Will See You Thru It….

  2. Prayers for your ministry

  3. Glad you guys made if safely. Continual prayers sent your way.

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