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"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

God’s got a bigger plan

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God really had a hand of protection on New Hope Baptist Church Monday. As I talked with the secretary today and she described the scene, tears filled her eyes as she again realized how much God protected her. The old building of the church houses the clothing closet, the food pantry, kids classrooms, and the youth basement. Sometime in the night after Sunday night worship, an old heater fell from the ceiling, taking the gas line with it. As the night progressed, a 750 gallon tank of gas was emptied into the church building. Monday morning, Angie, the secretary drove up and walked inside as usual. A little later the cleaning crew showed up and before she even turned her car off she could smell the gas. She immediately called Angie and told her she wasn’t getting out of her car. She called her husband as well and he told her to leave. Angie got the gas company on the phone and they said they would be out to investigate as soon as possible. On their inspection, the gas man said this was the worst gas leak he had seen in his 20 years of work. They immediately called the fire department, who had to block off a 3 mile radius around the church where no traffic was allowed through. Angie was told that just her driving up to the church could have set off a spark that would have caused a major explosion. Not to mention when she opened her door, used her cell phone, answered the church phone, turned on her computer, or when the cleaning crew drove up. She said when she realized this and talked with her friend they realized how much control God had over the situation and it brought them to tears.
I could very well be writing this story about a church explosion, but God has more in store for New Hope. He really is working in that place. I know the church is the people and not the building, but that building has chairs that seat God’s people who are hungry for the Word and excited to serve Him. They are eager to be on mission for God and are a people full of love. We have seen their love first-hand in the short 2 weeks we have been here and are extremely thankful that God chose to spare them so that we could continue to serve alongside them.


One thought on “God’s got a bigger plan

  1. How amazing and merciful God is. I am so thankful He spared the church and EVERYONE’S life. I look forward to meeting the people there. Love u!

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