Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Plans change


Friday night was all planned out. I would cook supper then Grant would go play basketball with some guys from the neighborhood at 6:30. He had met with Jeremy the other day and they planned it out this way. After supper the kids wanted to go outside and blow bubbles. It was so nice outside–it was the day after the bad storm hit and it seemed to bring some cooler weather, which was a break from the smoldering heat we had been feeling.

I took the kids out on the steps to blow bubbles while Grant finished cleaning up the dishes. 6:30 rolled around and no one showed up to take Grant to play ball. I have to admit we both were kinda discouraged because it seemed like it was gonna be a neat opportunity for Grant to get to know some of the young men in the neighborhood.

Little did we know, God still wanted Grant to play ball that night, but a different kind.

At about 7:00 our neighbors walked outside. Gabriel and Alondra are 7 and 6 years old. A few minutes later two kids walked out of the trailer across from us–kids we had never seen–twin boys (10 years old). In just a few more minutes, three kids rode up on their bikes–another set of twins (12 years old), and their sister, age 10. Within about 10 minutes we had about 15 kids in our yard with an organized baseball game going on.

I brought out a watermelon and Jesus multiplied it, kinda like He did the fish and bread. I even had enough and took it out to two ladies who live across from us who were sitting under a shade tree. One lady, Maria, is one who New Hope has had the privilege of praying with. She went to the clothing closet one Saturday and requested prayer for her daughter who was having health issues. Kelly (the pastor’s wife) and a lady from Olive Green Hispanic Church went to Maria’s house and prayed with her that day. We knew about Maria when we moved in, but had not been given the chance to meet her. It was the perfect opportunity when her twin grandsons came out to play ball for me to take her some watermelon and get to know her. We communicated enough for me to tell her that I was from New Hope and she was really excited. She said she was going to come to our house this week!

Since the baseball game Friday night, we have organized an official hispanic league in our backyard that meets to play daily. They scheduled games yesterday at 1pm and 5pm. They love Grant being the all-time pitcher and Asher being the all-time catcher. We just might get some t-shirts made.

God is just knocking our socks off! Never could we have imagined that He would have so many kids flock to our yard. Never could we have imagined they would be so sweet, respectful, and kind. Never could we have imagined they would love all over our own kids–who are much younger than they.

Never could we have imagined that they would be willing to ride their bikes with Grant to the front lot last night so he could explain to them why we are living here and what kinds of activities that trailer was going to be used for. And they were excited!

Pray for these kids. Some said they go to church, some don’t. Some have dads, some don’t. Some are raised by their grandparents. Some are shy, some are outspoken. Pray that we will be able to minister to them and teach them that God loves them SO MUCH!

Pray for our ability to learn Spanish so we can talk with their parents when they stand around to watch the games. All we do so far is say “hola!” and smile. 🙂 I guess that smile translates in all languages.

We know that God is doing some awesome things in your life, too. Be flexible and be willing to be used by Him in all circumstances! Please email us and tell us what He’s up to and how we can pray for you!


2 thoughts on “Plans change

  1. Amen, Amen, Amen. Can’t wait to visit! I am not a very good ball player but I can “Cheer For the Lord”!

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