Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Very random updates


We have some stuff to tell you. Not enough to write whole thoughtful and creative blog posts about…but still important enough to tell you.

*We are excited to have some people coming to visit this week from back home. They are coming to prayer walk with us and see what God’s up to in Countryside. We want you ALL to come see our new world…it’s amazing!

*On that same note, I find myself getting sad that the awesome friends we have in Rockwell may never meet the awesome friends we have in Lancaster. Because you are both so awesome we think you should know each other. But I am then reminded by that gentle voice in my heart that says you will indeed get to meet one day. We all will be worshipping around the throne together one day! That’s gonna be awesome y’all!

*We found the library and got on the list for story time on Monday mornings. We went today and the kids really had fun. Life is getting situated nicely here.

*Some great friends from church stopped by yesterday and brought us two big boxes of veggies from their garden. I was hoping someone would have some extra!

*We spent Saturday celebrating our Father’s in New London and Rockwell. God really stretched out our time and made the day so special. It was full of fun, food and love. We love our dads!

*Sunday afternoon we didn’t have church service. We were invited by Patrick to his parent’s house to swim in the pool. What sweet, sweet people they are! Our kids had a blast!

*I had the privilege of taking 2 kids to the park with us for a picnic last week. Fun was had by all.

*Pray for a lady we met who’s husband just left her and her 2 young children in May. She is very sad and worried. They go to court July 10 and I told her I would be praying for her. I know she dreads it. Please pray for her, too.

*Also pray for another neighbor who seems to be a negative influence in Countryside.

*Our 2-year-old neighbor kid was injured in a hit-and-run in front of our house last Sunday after church. We didn’t know much of the story except that he was flown to a hospital in Columbia, but had been praying so much for him. We found out this week that he was brought home Tuesday and is back to normal. PTL!

See. Told ya it was random.


3 thoughts on “Very random updates

  1. You should start writing for it to be published! I love reading your posts! Thanks for sharing and I think/pray for you all daily! I miss all of you very much as well😘 take care and tell all the Lsncaster Hinson’s I said “hi -I love I” kisses for all!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. I am hitting the “like” button! Thanks for sharing.

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