Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Day of Praise


We have a lot to be thankful for! Here are some highlights.

Praise #1: This afternoon I had my six month follow up with my oncology surgeon for the melanoma I had. (You can read that story here.) After melanoma the follow-up between the surgeon and the dermatologist evens out to seeing a doctor every three months. This is because the first two years after diagnosis is the most likely time it would come back, either as another melanoma, or in the brain, breast, lung, or liver. Thankfully, I was told all was well and they would see me again next time! Praise God for that!

Praise #2: Last night while we were standing in the yard after church, our neighbor Kiera walked out with Baby Christopher. She was asking some questions about baby dedication services and christening. It was so good to have this conversation with her because she doesn’t attend church anywhere. She then expressed her concern that Christopher didn’t have any god parents. I am not very familiar with the role of a god parent, mainly because it’s not something I grew up knowing or heard much about. After she explained it to me, she told me that because it was obvious that we loved kids so much and because she had no one else, she wanted me and Grant to be Christopher’s god parents! Why, of course we will! Welcome to the family Baby Christopher!



Praise #3: We heard last week that there was another church coming into Countryside to do a week-long VBS sometime this summer. Second Baptist Church is a huge church in the area and has been into the neighborhood for the past few years hosting this event. We didn’t know who was in charge and when it would be, but after a few failed attempts at connecting, we finally met them tonight.

This couple is such a breath of fresh air! The husband (I know his name in my head, but there is no way it would be spelled correctly if I typed it) is from Mexico and the wife is from a tiny town down the road, Heath Springs. They have two of the most gorgeous little girls (one red-headed—you know I’m partial to that), ages 2 & 4, with another due in December. They lived in Mexico City for three years shortly after they were married. They now lead the International Ministry at their church that focuses on outreach and evangelism. The passion they have for Jesus and their community is contagious! They are so sweet and kind, soft-spoken and wise. Our hearts seemed to line up with theirs nicely. It was really nice to be able to meet them and envision what God could do with a friendship like that. We know He has big plans because on the way here they not only had one flat tire, but the spare also blew out, too. Satan wanted to stop something big, but we didn’t let him! Glory be to God for what is to come!

Praise #4: As we were talking in the living room with those new friends tonight we heard a ruckus outside. That is the best word to describe the loud noise, running, screaming and banging on the door. I opened the door to find about 10 kids yelling the same thing at me all at once. I stepped on the porch, asking them to calm down and talk clearly. One girl said, “We were just in the woods and saw a little boy with a red shirt on and blood coming out of his mouth and he had fangs and red glowing eyes!!” I can’t describe in words the terror in their faces and the panic in their body language. Any other time I would have laughed them off, but they were convinced. They all had the same story. The oldest boy, 16 years old, was crying with his head down on our steps. I waved Grant outside and as the shouts began again, I heard a voice yell out, “Will you pray with us!??!”

After Grant prayed they wanted him to drive them home. They were done being outside and done with the dark.

We don’t know what they saw in those woods, but we do know a few things. They knew where to come running. They knew we love them and will listen to them. They knew we would pray for them. But most importantly, THEY KNEW PRAYER WOULD HELP!

Be still my heart!

Thank you, Jesus, for allowing us to see fruit of the prayers of your people for our people here in Countryside. Thank you for showing up in such a mighty way and in more ways than we can count.

We can’t make these stories up, guys. God is so good!


6 thoughts on “Day of Praise

  1. Amen!!!

  2. Love reading about how God is working in Countryside!

  3. You guys are awesome!

  4. And we also enjoyed meeting you guys! It was truly a blessing! And definitely, Satan was trying to thwart it…must be some big plans God has – excitement abounds. Narcizo is the correct spelling of my husbands name…and it was such a great meeting…connecting with other believers. Look forward to seeing you and working along side with you guys for HIS Kingdom!
    Susan Moree Alvarez

  5. I am so excited about how mighty God is showing Himself to your family and your new friends! I will always remember you in my prayers. I’m tickled the children have Christian people to turn to for help and advise. Glory to God!!! I love u guys ❤

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