Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Backyard Bible Camp


This morning around 9:30 the cars started rolling in and people with servant hearts started rolling out. Tables went up, signs were made, tents were placed. As we circled to pray for the day’s big event my heart was full of love and excitement. I was excited for the people who were coming to hear about Jesus. To hear that He is their Savior. To hear that He loves them. To hear that He is the ultimate Super Hero.

Right at 11:00 Grant dropped off the first bus-load of kiddos. They were registered and then played on the playground while another round was picked up. In the end about 50 kiddos heard about Jesus today at the first Backyard Bible Camp in Countryside. Including helpers and parents that stuck around, there were about 97 people present this morning. That is great, but even better news is that THREE of those were interested in asking more questions and learning more about who this Jesus guy really is! Amen and amen!!

After the hot morning, our 16 friends from NC came back to our house to visit a while. It was good to just sit and relax in the company of friends. They also got to meet some of the neighbor kids and parents and even got to hold Baby Christopher.

But one really cool thing happened while we were chatting with one another. I caught a glimpse of a kid riding a bike in our yard and looked to see who it was. Much to my heart’s joy I saw Robbie! God just blew my socks off as I thought the situation through. There we were, sitting in my living room in South Carolina with SIXTEEN Believers from North Carolina–a majority of which had actually PRAYED FOR ROBBIE BY NAME! God was giving them a chance to see this boy, meet him if they like, and actually see their prayers answered. Robbie was loved on today while Grant and friends fixed his bike tire. Thank you Jesus, not only for answering prayers and giving us another opportunity to love on Robbie, but also allowing us to see it smack dab in front of our faces that You HEAR us when we pray! WOW!

Seeds were planted in hearts today. I know it. Now pray with us that they grow!




2 thoughts on “Backyard Bible Camp

  1. Wonderful pictures and an awesome time was had by all.

  2. What is your mailing address please?


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