Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Friends in Haiti

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In Lancaster, South Carolina lives a really nice and loving family that yearns to serve Jesus and their fellow man. Meet The Bowers, Tim, Michelle & Jessica.


The Bowers family took off to Haiti/Dominican Republic Monday and I wanted to share their stories while they were gone. They have ministered in H/DR a few times before and have a deep love for the people there. I was spurred to share their stories because I was encouraged by an update I read from them on Facebook. I hope you enjoy their updates and how God uses them while they are on mission for Him.

On Monday, The Bowers’ left to drive to Miami to hop aboard their plane to Haiti/Dominican Republic. They were exhausted after such a long drive. Michelle had been battling an allergic reaction to injections in her knees that left them swollen and painful the week before the trip. Tim began having some stomach pain and swelling just hours before they were scheduled to leave. It seemed there was something God had in store for them in H/DR because Satan was really attacking. They persevered though.

As they arrived at their gate they struck up a conversation with the airline employee. After they talked for a while and they told about the mission God was sending them on, God had a huge blessing in store for them. The employee said he enjoyed talking with them so much that he was upgrading them. Not just to a better seat in business class. No! God is bigger than that! He sent them to the first row of First Class!! I can imagine that was confirmation that they were exactly where God wanted them to be and their mission had already started. Michelle sent me a message today saying, “We found out that not only did the people at Miami airport move us to first class, they boarded everyone on our team first on the plane. That was just a special blessing from God after a long night of travel. The rest of the trip went off without a hitch.”

She also writes, “We have so many people in our team that were able to share and talk with other travelers on the trip. After devotions last night and this morning we are all getting supplies unpacked. We will have teams doing VBS at the orphanage, sports outreach in Jimani, home visits in Jimani, construction projects at the orphanage and hospital. We will also go to Po Plum in Haiti to have a day clinic and outreach. It is going to be a busy week but So worth it. Tim, Jessica and Myself are all feeling good. Thanks for the prayers and will update later. We start ministry outreach after lunch.”

Such an amazing story where we can obviously see God’s hand on a situation. I am excited to share more with you as their week goes on.


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