Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Bowers update

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My friends in the Dominican Republic/Haiti are reporting of some awesome ways God has blessed them and also some prayer requests.

Michelle writes over the past few days:

Finishing up my morning devotions and so thankful for the time that God is giving us here. Today is going to be a great day!! God was so kind and merciful to answer my prayer for a cloud to shade and a breeze to cool Tim and several of the men that worked on the castle/tower for the children yesterday. Praying for that same kindness and mercy today. Can’t wait to hear how The Holy Spirit continues work through the sports outreach and to see Him at work in the lives if the younger children at VBS. We have a special outreach this afternoon and get to go worship with several of the teen girls tonight off campus. My God is faithful!


Several of our team had the opportunity to travel into town to watch two of the teen girls from the children’s home perform in a drama at a local church. Others of us finished packing supplies for the service at Po Plum, Haiti tomorrow. Some of our team will be going there, while others will stay here to help with children’s church. Tomorrow afternoon our team will have the pleasure of taking the children to a local water hole with a waterfall. It was a huge hit with the children last year. I pray that each of you has a great day of worship tomorrow. We miss our church family, but can feel each of your prayers and much love. God is faithful!


When we go through what our team as gone through the last 24 to 36 hours, we remember that God works all things to His good. Saturday night our team was hit with what appears to be food poisoning. All but five members got sick. The love that each person showed to one another is beyond words. We all tried to help each other the best we could. We are praying that those around us have seen the love of Christ that we shared with each other. We have small teams that have gone out doing construction, VBS and sports outreach. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. God is faithful and we know He will use this sickness for His glory. Much love.


I can’t imagine being so sick in a foreign land. Please join me in praying for relief of the team and that God will use even this to bring His name honor. Thanks friends!


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