Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Heather’s Heart

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Remember when I asked for guest bloggers? I have had an awesome response, and hope to have more. Here is what was on my cousin’s heart.

Meet Heather Burris…

Last night as I prayed for Countryside, I made sure to pray for Robbie to feel love, J to feel peace, Reggie to be led by God and all of the evil to be gone.  I always read Amber’s blog and think “wow, those people need Jesus!”  Last night was different.  I reflected a bit on the dynamics that make up Countryside and came to the conclusion that Countryside is really no different than Salisbury, Faith, Granite Quarry or Rockwell.  Countryside just has a more concentrated area of life’s problems and difficulties.  Heck, even the road I live on has numerous families with someone that has lost their job and I’m sure at the end of their ropes just like J!  Then I began to consider not only the neighborhoods we live in but our own homes.  There are little pieces of Countryside in everyone’s home.  There are disappointments, failures, heartache, struggles and our own battle with trying to love others as Jesus does.  Or at least I know I have seen these things in mine.  I realized I am not immune to these things just because I live over an hour away from Countryside.  It is so easy to “look in” through reading the blog and point out what they could do to make their lives’ better, then shut the computer off and go about our lives awaiting another update.  I also realize there is so much good in this community that is hindered by life or just had its light dimmed by the bad.

Sweet friends, there is so much more we can do!  Pray endlessly for Countryside, but also begin to pray for your neighbors, looking for opportunities to lend a hand.  There are many people right in your own town that need your help today, but are afraid to ask.  People are hurting and not sure where to turn.  They may go to church or they may not.  Maybe we need to take the church to them and be their friend.

The work of Amber and Grant has touched my heart in more ways than I even realize I’m sure.  They are showing God’s love to people that may have forgotten what love is.  The Hinson’s are helping the good shine through!  Their stories have inspired me to examine my own life and taught me to be thankful for what I have and also share what I have!  God has blessed me in so many ways and I pray he leads me to others who need to see his love!


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