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Carrie shares about Hannah


I know I ask this question every time, but–remember when I asked for guest bloggers? This is the last one I have in my arsenal to present to y’all, so if anyone would just love to get something off their hearts, this is a great platform to let us know about it. It can be anything from a book review to a favorite recipe to thoughts on a topic to a Bible study you just did. I love adding these in and sharing them. God’s kingdom work is certainly not just about the Hinson’s…it’s about what’s going on in your lives, too. So let’s hear it!
Meet Carrie Safrit. (And her scared husband, Jeff.)
Carrie is so special to me. I miss her so much. When we lived in North Carolina I would easily see her 3 times a week and her words often refreshed my spirit. Carrie is my Green friend. My Earthy friend. If that sounds bad, it’s not. She is so creative and wise. She taught me how to make bread, crochet, and helped me sew my very first (and last) smocked dress for Evan Grace. She has such a beautiful family and her children are some of the smartest I know…they recite scripture from their hearts better than a majority of the adults I know.
But what is so very special about Carrie is her knowledge of God’s word and the application of it in her life. She knows it and she gets it. She lives it.
I am grateful to know Carrie and to introduce you to her as well. May you be blessed by her heart today.

I read the prayer of Hannah today. Not the one where she prayed for a child. No, the other one! I know, I didn’t know there was another one either –until today! I know I’ve read it before, but I know I didn’t notice at all. But today, God brought me there.

You see, that’s who I am right now. Hannah. I’m just like her in spirit anyway. I’m begging and pleading with God for something it FEELS like I cannot live without. Now, I know some of you know me so I will just go ahead and say IT IS NOT ANOTHER CHILD! Ahem! Just wanted to remove that thought from your mind! Anyway, it is something my heart and soul long for and something I know lines up with what obedience to God’s word prescribes. I’ve begged and cried and prayed and pleaded for months and months and months! It SEEMS like it’s been ages and it FEELS like God doesn’t care. It FEELS like He hasn’t and won’t move on my behalf. It SEEMS like He answers all other prayers but that one. The big one. The only one I’m desperate for. That’s the one He ignores. I really FEEL that way– just hopeless.
But, as we all know, FEELINGS can be deceptive!

Lately, my thoughts about this issue have repeatedly brought me to Hannah. (I know now the Holy Spirit was doing that!)  And today, I read I Samuel chapter 1-2. I’ve read it before but today I know God brought me there.  And, well, I saw myself and I saw my God in those words!

Hannah was so desperate for years to have a child that she was ” deeply distressed and prayed to The Lord and wept bitterly” ( I Samuel 1:9-10) when she came before The Lord. She describes herself as having a “sorrowful spirit”(vs. 15) and “pouring out her soul before The Lord “. She had an “abundance of complaint and grief” (vs. 16) as she prayed. She was JUST LIKE ME! Desperate.

Most people know that God have her the desire of her heart- a son. We know she committed that son to serve The Lord all his days and took him to live at the temple once he was weaned.  I should take heart just reading the story, her faith, and how God answered her. I should rejoice to know God is faithful. But today, I needed something else and God knew it. So, after that, is the prayer of Hannah!

In I Samuel chapter 2, Hannah has taken her son to live at the temple and she stays to pray. And Hannah prays. And it’s powerful! Her prayer worships the God who controls ALL  things  and ALL people-the mighty and the weak, the rich and the poor, the barren and the fertile! She exalts Him as the One who can change ANY circumstance, probably because she witnessed Him do it! Read it. It’s there and it’s awesome! It’s like rain in the desert, people!

I cannot express how I needed to read that passage today, but I have a hunch that I’m not the only one. Maybe you are weeping bitterly for a lost loved one or a wayward child. Perhaps your heart aches on behalf of one God has laid on your heart. Maybe, you’re desperate for God to hear you and you’ve poured  out your soul before the Lord for the desire of your heart. Maybe, you feel hopeless. I know you’re out there because we’ve talked  before about these issues!  This post is for you. God fed my soul then laid it on my heart to share.

I love hidden jewels in God’s Word like this one. I hope you are blessed and renewed by the Word. My prayer isn’t answered yet, but today His word brought hope and healing to the cracked and broken parts of me. I pray the same for you!

Elisabeth Elliott said,  ” the deepest spiritual lessons are not learned by letting us have our way in the end, but by His making us wait, bearing with us in love and patience, until we are able to HONESTLY pray what he taught his disciples to pray- ‘Thy will be done’ “!


2 thoughts on “Carrie shares about Hannah

  1. Thank you Carrie for such a wonderful and powerful message, one I feel directed at me! I have a prayer that God hears, just waiting to see the results. Love you

  2. Amen, Carrie. Thanks for your words. I am going to read Hannah’s prayer right now! I love you my sweet sister and your precious family. You are a blessing.

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