Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Potty Problems


A great word from my friend Angela…

1 John 1:9 ESV “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our
sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Alright, I have something to admit to you. Ok, maybe a few things… first, right off the bat I’ll say that I’m not the best house keeper. I despise cleaning, I’m not sure why, but I do. With that said, my house isn’t always clean, and if you’re my mom, and you are reading this you might be thinking “Is it ever clean?” Well, Mom, I’m just going to let you answer that question to yourself. Thank you by the way! Second, I don’t like people to see if the house isn’t clean. I should also mention that I don’t like to disappoint people, especially people I’m close to, and I try to be as independent as I can, I just don’t want to have to rely on other people if I don’t have to.

So, anyway, about a year ago our potty stopped working right. I’m not a plumber and I
had no clue what the problem was. It took about 15 minutes for the tank to refill, every time it was flushed. There are times when this is ok, like at bedtime. But there are other times when that is no good. For instance, when you have company, or maybe stomach issues. There are just certain times when you want it to fill right back up, so maybe someone else can use it when you finish. You know what I mean, right? My dad looked at it once and said that something was blocking the little tube that is outside of the tank that refills it. And he said that since he’s no plumber I should tell my grandparents, whom I rent the house from, so they could fix it.

Well, when you take all of the admissions in the first paragraph in to account you would realize that I never told them, not once. Because either the house wasn’t clean enough when I thought about it, and I didn’t want to hear or see the disappointment in voices or eyes of the people I love, or somewhere in my mind I thought “I can take care of this myself.” I mean, how hard would it be to shut off the water behind the toilet, take the pipe off and clean it out then put it back? Really, it can’t be that hard could it? Or was it that simple? If I tried to fix it maybe I would mess up something worse?

So, for a year we lived with this broken toilet, because I was either too ashamed or too
proud to admit that something was wrong and needed to be fixed. And ever time I thought about it, and wanted to ask for help I would then think “the house is too dirty to ask for help.” As a renter it is my responsibility to ask for help when things need to be fixed, and it’s their responsibility to fix it. No matter how much I don’t want to “burden” them with something else that needs to be fixed, no matter if I think I can fix it myself or not, it’s not mine to fix.

How often do we do the same thing with our relationship with Christ? We either don’t
know Him at all and think “why would someone as perfect as Jesus Christ want to help someone as dirty and sinful as me?” Or we are so caught up in our sin that we are too ashamed to ask for help. We sometimes even think we can get out of it on our own, or are too proud to ask for help and forgiveness.

But our responsibility in this whole thing we call life is to admit that we need help and then ask for the help, to ask for His help! Do you get that? It’s our responsibility to ask for help, no matter how dirty and sinful we are, because He has already paid for our sin. He knows how to fix our sin for us. It’s Jesus’ responsibility to fix it for us, and he will do it IF we ask for help. All we have to do is ask. No matter how dirty our “house” is when we ask Jesus to cleanse us from our dirtiness and forgive us from our sins He will, no matter how dirty and broken we are.

This past year I lived with a broken toilet, for the whole year. Every time I flushed it I
was reminded of its brokenness, and too ashamed/proud to ask for help. Now it’s fixed, and forgotten, it won’t be brought up again. My grandparents aren’t going to continuously remind me or the broken toilet, they fixed it and forgot it. I’m reminded of how Jesus takes our brokenness, mends it, forgives our sins and forgets them. Read that again… Jesus takes our brokenness, mends it, forgives our sins and FORGETS them. We don’t need to wallow in sins that have already been forgiven because Jesus died for our sins once and for all. And He isn’t going to continue to remind us of “that” sin if He’s already forgiven it. We just have to ask…


4 thoughts on “Potty Problems

  1. Great Post, Angela. Thanks for these words. And, I enjoy house cleaning so will HELP you my sweet sister in Christ anytime you need it because I LOVE YOU.

  2. My daughter amazes me in so many ways. I am so sorry I don’t tell her enough. I love her very much because she is not only my daughter, but my best friend. Angela I love you dearly and you are a wonderful mother and make up for the house is so many other ways. I love You!

  3. Thank you Angela for this reminder. Love you sister!

  4. I love it Angela! So true 🙂

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