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"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Home sweet home

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I know I haven’t written in a while. When Grant went to Germany me and the kids took the opportunity to visit family and friends in North Carolina. We both were given a time of reflection and renewal in very different ways, but it was good.

We picked Grant up at the airport Thursday afternoon and when we pulled into our neighborhood we could hear the screams. I can safely say I have never been welcomed anywhere in my life like that. A handful of kiddos were waiting on our steps and ran to the car screaming and banging on the windows as soon as they saw us. Smiles lined their faces and laughs poured from us. I cried as we hugged sweaty kids who had waited all afternoon to see us. It certainly made it wonderful to be back home in Countryside.

The next morning, despite the jet-lag on Grant’s end, we had to hit the ground running. A lot happened while we were gone. One of our neighbors on the other street was shot and killed in an accident. We had never met him before but we knew people who knew him closely. There were also fights that put a man in the hospital and another fight between some of our kiddos that broke off one of the girls’ teeth. Grant had a great opportunity to talk with some of the boys and reflect on why things happen and explain that God is sovereign after all. My heart has been heavy for our friends, especially today, because Satan has such a stronghold on many, many hearts here, but I know that God can do so much more for these people! He can break chains. He can restore relationships. He can meet every need. He can put smiles back on faces.

This Saturday we have a huge event. We have been taking up donations and cleaning out the clothing closet at church in order to hold a “Free Yard Sale” at Countryside. We have been working so hard with so many of you in order to get ready for this. Our vision is to see it meet the physical needs of so many in our community. Also we hope to see it open doors and allow us to form relationships with our neighbors we haven’t met yet. Please be in prayer for this event with us and for the opportunities we will have. People are traveling down from North Carolina to help out on both Friday and Saturday. Pray for their safe travels. Pray for endurance for those here in Lancaster who have tirelessly bagged clothes and loaded trailers and will continue to do so Thursday and Friday, then unload it all Saturday morning at 5am.

Whew, I’m tired just typing all that, but I’m so excited to see how God will work in this effort! Thank you for your prayers and love you show us. We know God is at work here!


One thought on “Home sweet home

  1. Amber thank you for your effort to convey all God is doing in Country Side! We love reading it and being inspired by the obedient lives you and Grant live. My prayers are always with you and those who need your love and guidance. Your light is shining bright, and even Satan himself can see it.

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