Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Get up close

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He dodged in and out of the yards, running between trailers. He even ran through our yard as me and the kids sat outside enjoying the Fall evening. The cop cars drove by, some slowly, some quickly, each with officers peering out their windows. A teenage girl stepped on the bag of drugs as he ran by her and dropped them. She was walking her dog.

The officers eventually gave up their search as his quick feet proved a benefit to him–or did they?

His mom sat outside yesterday, two days after he ran. It is easy to judge from afar.

Why would you let your 20-something year old son live with you and do drugs?

Why would you let him run from the cops?

Why, if you know where he is hiding, won’t you turn him in? It would be for his good.

She heard Grant was a “preacher” (that’s what they call him here) and summoned him to her car. She poured out her fears and struggles. She is scared to be alone now. She is scared even more at night. She is scared for her son. Her heart is torn. She loves him. What does she do?

It is easy for us to tell her what to do. It is easy on this side, not on her side. It is easy, as Christians, for us to tell everyone else what to do. It sounds so simple. It will be for their good.

Sweet Jesus, let it not be so easy for us to sit back and judge from afar. Let us get up close and see and feel and struggle with these people.

You see, when you get up close, you see a different person. When you look into their eyes and you see the tear-stained cheeks you understand that it’s not so easy. It’s hard actually. It’s hard to live in this life. It’s hard to be caught up in something and not know how to get out. It’s hard to trust anyone. It’s hard to believe there is a Savior who loves you no matter what.

Get up close to someone today. Get up in their business. That’s the only way they are going to see the one true Jesus who makes it all so easy.


One thought on “Get up close

  1. Read this today….“praise was her weapon against her problems, because it confused the enemy.”

    Excerpt From: Miller, Vanessa. “Tears Fall at Night”

    I hope I remember this when my time of angst comes, and it will. Bless you, Amber and Grant. Praying for you and the neighbors you serve.

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