Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Are you hungry, Patsy?

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Rumor had it there was a woman down the street without any food. Her grown son moved out in a rage and emptied the cabinets along with her peace of mind.

Can God work in this?

Thursday night we had a fine group of Jesus-lovers at the church cleaning out the clothing “closet” for the Countryside Free Yard Sale. I use the term “closet” loosely. It is actually a very inaccurate term for what we were dealing with.  In reality, the old church sanctuary, baptism area, and foyer was gutted and turned into a clothing ministry. I say this to let you know the magnitude of clothing, hangers, racks, and trash bags we were dealing with. We started on Tuesday and all went well, but a friend who was there suggested she fix everyone supper before we tackle it again Thursday night. We needed nutrition, folks! Our bellies were full, we worked until it was done, and leftovers were packed and sent home with us for lunch (and probably supper) the next day.

Can God work in this?

Grant got the call on the way home that night. Rumor reached the Pastor that indeed, there was a woman who needed food. Her name was Patsy. It was actually someone the Pastor and his wife had visited in her home a few times prior. Can we help tonight with the immediate need, then go to the food pantry the next day for more? As Grant looked at the huge platter of homemade spaghetti in his passenger seat, he smiled and said “yes”.

Can God work in this?

Grant delivered the food that night in a brief drop-off. He let her know we could help more tomorrow and told her where we lived. She brought the dish back the next day and stood outside pouring out her story and heartache to Grant. He prayed with her-that God would work in her life.

Can God work in this?

Sunday night the bus was loaded with children as usual for evening worship. When Grant walked into the sanctuary someone caught his eye. It was Patsy. She sat in the pew with someone she knew that went to our church.

Can God work in this?

The next time Patsy caught his eye she was walking down the aisle. The Pastor invited anyone who wanted to know Jesus to come down and start a relationship with Him. To allow Him to meet their EVERY.SINGLE.NEED. Because He is able.

Patsy accepted the invitation from Jesus that night. God worked–through people, through bad circumstances, through visits months before, through spaghetti, through a church service where The Gospel was preached.

You see, Jesus says, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” John 6:35

Patsy will never hunger or thirst again. Praise you, Jesus for your promises!


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