Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

I Found Him


In April, Grant & I visited Countryside with the purpose of finding a place to live. As we walked around with Patrick & Kelly there was, what appeared to be, an empty trailer.

As Grant peered in the window, he said, “Hey! It’s even furnished!”

As he was playing Peeping Tom, behind us walked up a towering young man saying, “Can I help you?”

“Oh. Um, yeah. Do you live here??”

We quickly realized it wasn’t, after all, a furnished trailer. Instead it was Brach’s house.

We all laughed. Thankfully Brach thought it was funny, too. Thankfully.

We stood in the yard and learned that Brach moved to South Carolina just a week before from New York. He was looking for work and his Grandmother lives in Countryside, so he moved here in hopes that the South Carolina employment opportunities would be better than those he had exhausted in New York.

They weren’t and Brach moved back to New York two weeks later, leaving the nice mobile home for us to step right into.

At the time I thought it was neat that God had allowed us to meet Brach, share with him what we were doing here, and even pray with him in his yard that day. I thought it was sad he had to go, but selfishly was happy to have such a nice home.

Grant plays basketball with a bunch of guys from the trailer park on Friday nights at a gym within walking distance. One Friday night, in walked a towering young man with a face he recognized. After both tried to figure out how they knew each other, they finally realized Grant was the Peeping Tom and Brach was the New Yorker.

Brach was back and was searching again.

From a funny first meeting to basketball games developed a bond that neither could explain. Brach started hanging out at our house and throwing football in the yard with the neighborhood kiddos. He told Grant he had family members who were Christians and he had started praying more recently. He was searching for answers to life. He was getting older and more mature and didn’t know where his life was going. He was lost but didn’t know what to do about it.

One day he met Grant up at the ministry trailer (recently named The Connection) to hang out. Conversation led right back to Jesus and Grant was given the opportunity to ask him point blank if he wanted to stop searching, to make his life right, and to invite Jesus to be Lord.

This was, indeed, the answer he had been searching for, and Brach began his relationship with Jesus right there on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013.

Later that day he rode with Grant to the church to help move some tables. He wanted to tell our pastor, Patrick, what happened. He looked at Patrick and said,

“I found Him.”

They stood in silence for a moment, and Patrick said, “Brach, did you find Him or did He find you?”

Brach said, “I found Him, but He’s been huntin’ for me for a long time.”

Praise Jesus, Brach doesn’t have to search anymore because Jesus had His eye on Him! He watched him go from NY to SC to NY to SC looking for answers, but had him in the right place at the right time on October 9th 2013 where they could meet up at The Connection.


2 thoughts on “I Found Him

  1. Wonderful Marvelous What a blessing! and complete joy for you guys too…May all the saints sing!!

  2. Amber, I love reading your blog and hearing all the amazing things God is doing through you and Grant in Countryside! You are a great testimony of faith and the love of Jesus!

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