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Vacation Top 14


**Revised: You know how you can lay in bed at night and think of a million things you should’ve said and have to do? Last night after posting this I thought of more memories that deserve to be here. So here’s the revised list.**

My parents are crazy.

I guess I should clarify that before I get grounded.

My parents are Disney crazy.

About a year and a half ago my mom made a declaration. It was time, she said. She had waited long enough. It was time to take the grandkids to Disney World.

But Mom: Grant & I make fun of “those people”. The ones with the strollers and the overtired, grumpy, done-had-enough toddlers who were drug through the “Happiest Place on Earth” for 12 hours. That doesn’t sound fun to us.

She insisted, we gave in. I have to admit, I was excited as we planned a whole family vacation-complete with my brother & his wife and my sister & her husband.

When we moved to South Carolina, it was one of the first questions the family posed. Y’all are still going to Disney, right??

After some prayerful consideration and provision from God, we were still able to go.

So this past week, we spent time at The Happiest Place on Earth. The place where dreams and wishes come true. The place where magic comes alive.

It really was wonderful. I believe any mom would agree that the whole idea has the potential to be a stressful time for all, but my kids, y’all–they were fabulous! They were troopers! We tried to keep them on a fairly regular nap and bedtime schedule to cut-down on the melt-downs. They were agreeable, happy, and got along with each other nicely. My wishes came true.

So as I reflect on the week, I come away with my Top 14 memories from the 2013 Smith Family Disney Vacation (in no particular order):

14. I might have done the ugly cry when we watched the morning show at the Castle. My kids were enthralled. So was I. It was magical.


13. My sister had these super awesome t-shirts made. It did something. It bonded us even more somehow. We weren’t just a family, we had matching t-shirts to prove it.


photo 2

12. We celebrated my Dad’s 54th birthday while we were there. He spent the day at the Magic Kingdom with his kids and grandkids. How much better does it get? At dinner that night he told us that when him and mom took their Honeymoon to Disney, he never thought 32 years later they would be on this vacation. We might have all got teary-eyed at that one.


11. Every character Asher met would cause him to break out into a jig while they signed his autograph book. It.Was.Hilarious!


photo 3


10. Sipping hot tea with my sister at night.

9. Walking through Animal Kingdom the kids decided to sing “I just can’t wait to be king” over and over and over and over in their loudest voices.


8. Tyler wrestling with my kids on the beds. They laughed and laughed and laughed.

7. Asher’s first experience with a roller coaster was Goofy’s Barnstormer. To say he loved it would be putting it mildly. He rode it about 7 times and talked about it laying in the bed at night.


6. When Evan Grace met Minnie she was hypnotized. She looked up at her and said “Minnie, you so pretty!” about 500 times. It was her dream come true.

photo 1


5.Grant & I took off to The Magic Kingdom one night. He believes he won “Romantic Husband of The Year” that night. We walked around the castle holding hands while the fireworks went off overhead. We sat and had ice cream and coffee. We rode our two favorites, Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. And we rode the ferry back. It really was refreshing. We talked, laughed, and loved. God blessed me with my best friend as my husband.

4. I got to spend a whole week of uninterrupted time with my people I love the most in this world. We were given the rest we needed and the energy to continue on life’s journey.







3. Laying in bed on the last night with Asher I had to explain to him–while he cried–why we had to leave the “Family House”. He didn’t understand why we couldn’t live there forever.

2. Grant & Asher’s favorite movie is The Jungle Book. When we met King Louie and Baloo, Asher asked if Grant could sing The Bear Necessities to them. While he sang, Baloo, King Louie, and Asher danced their hearts out.


1. Coming home after such a wonderful week reminded me how truly blessed I am. Disney or not, I have some really awesome family, a fabulous husband, and some spectacular kiddos. We love being home together and counting our blessings.

photo 2

Thank you, Jesus, for giving us time together.


6 thoughts on “Vacation Top 14

  1. Aw that is just so awesome!! So glad you had that time with your family! I love going to Disney and it looked like Asher and Evan Grace had a blast!!! God Bless!! 🙂

  2. Glad you enjoyed your time @ Disney w/your family. Thank you for sharing the pictures & your memories … it was a blessing to me this morning!!! =’)

  3. Oh my, this is “cry baby” Ms.Sherry. I can hardly type through the tears. I so enjoyed seeing the smiles on my sweet babies faces. Sure hope you have some video of Asher dancing. I can just see his excitment in the pictures. I love you all. Glad you are home safe and had such an awesome time! Prayers answered.

  4. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pics! LOVED the Minnie story, precious! I hope one day to be able to experience a family Disney trip! Although, we may be waiting a while since we have kiddos getting ready to go to college…..sigh! Love and miss you all!

  5. Love the pictures  happy birthday toAsher and his mommy  luv yall nancyp

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