Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Welcome Year 32

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We have had a week chock-full of celebrations and happiness and prayers and family and Jesus and battles and friends. I’ll start with last Wednesday.

My newest friend, Sarah Anne, invited me to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) in Rock Hill. Why have I not known about BSF before now?? 400 women gathered for worship and prayer, broke into small groups to discuss the week’s scripture homework, then came back together for a word about the topics from a very talented speaker. It’s kinda like being in the Beth Moore audience of one of her Bible studies. Sadly I have come in at the Christmas break and won’t get to go back until January, but I sure do look forward to it!

Thursday was Asher’s 4th birthday which consisted of birthday muffins, a Wal-Mart trip to pick out a present and cake, and lunch at Chick-fil-a. Then we came back to the house and made cupcakes for a party after Homework Helpers. We all had a wonderful time with a house full of friends celebrating his sweet life.


Friday was my birthday and I ushered in year 32. That sounds weird, but it is what it is I guess. My sister came to spend the night and we all had lunch at the Chinese buffet then me and her took off shopping.

Saturday morning my friend Shanda brought in 24 meals from Covenant Baptist Church to be delivered to our friends in Countryside.


We drove around and surprised many families with a large box of food and a Bible. It was such a blessing! The rest of my family joined us later that day for dinner at the one and only Catawba Fish Camp.

Sunday church was great and we were invited to dinner afterwards with the Gallien family–a sweet and godly family at our church. The Mexican restaurant we went to, La Chalupa, has a buffet. With cheese dip. Need I say more?

Monday afternoon we attended a Christmas Party at Sarah Anne and Shaun’s house. Her house is straight out of Pinterest. Complete with chalkboard walls and a chicken-wire-picture-holder-thingy Her 3-year-old son, Carter Welch is the cutest thing ever. The party was fabulous, but mostly because we played Minute To Win It Christmas games. I’m not normally a game-playing kind of gal, but guess what? You are looking at the First-Annual-Minute-to-Win-It-Daley-Christmas-Party-Champs!! I even moved an oreo from my forehead to my mouth without touching it. This is how The Hinson’s make friends.


And here we are at Tuesday. We took the kids to a friends house and made our first ever husband and wife Christmas shopping venture. Usually I do this by myself each year–which is not necessarily a bad thing. This year Grant wanted to go with me. He is an unusual state of Christmas Happiness this year–even to the point of listening to Christmas music on the radio. Whatever. I’ll go with it. So we headed to Pineville and knocked out a lot of gifts and had a fabulous time together. We finished the night with cereal for supper, Amber going to a Middle School band concert, and Grant staying at home with 4 kiddos.


Amongst ALL that good, we are fighting some big, bad, and very UGLY things lately. Please pray for us. For endurance, for strength, for peace, and for patience. God is definitely on His throne and in control of all things. We appreciate your prayers for us!

We would love to hear from you. What has your week looked like? We hope you have been blessed abundantly!Love and hugs to you from us!


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