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New Year, New Start

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Well, hello there! It’s been a while. I can hardly come up with an intelligent way to tell you what all has been going on with us. Let’s just say that we have been through the ringer. The past six weeks have been full of lots and lots of trials. Sure it could’ve been worse, and people have it worse for sure, but we were thrown a few curve balls that took us to our knees. I spent lots of time crying and praying and thinking.

The trials came to a head just two days before Christmas and we thought that maybe, just maybe, we were done. Then Evan Grace fell and knocked her tooth, dislodging it and throwing me into a panic. This happened on the 23rd–just as we were trying to tie up loose ends to get to North Carolina for Christmas.

These sufferings were not wasted. I can say for certainty that God taught us some things, and I’m sure there are more there that I don’t know about or recognize yet. For one, our marriage was strengthened. We had to lean on each other and work as a team. We had to bounce ideas off of each other and talk about things. We came through on the other end with a greater respect for each other and a better idea of teamwork in a marriage.

We also had a chance to pray with and encourage someone that we never would have met had we not been given this time. As he poured his heart out to me on the phone crying, it gave me the confidence to handle the next few days because what we had going on was nowhere near his trials.

Thankfully on this first day of a new year, I can say these specific things are behind us. God allowed the best outcome with all dealings and for that we give Him much, much glory!

I do apologize for not telling you about the Christmas at Countryside event. We celebrated the birth of Christ on December 21st with our neighbors. I have lots of pictures and stories to share, but that will be later. I also have lots to say about our good times in NC for Christmas, reflections on 2013, and visions for 2014. Hopefully I will get to it all within the next few days.

So, I leave you with not too much today. Just a simple Hey and Happy New Year From Us!


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  1. Sweet, sweet blog. Love you my precious girl!

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