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Reflecting Back

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I’m not naturally a “reflector”. I don’t look back over things or stew on them. I don’t replay many events over and over. Once it’s happened, it’s over. I tend to take one day at a time and move forward with the next matter of business.

Patrick’s sermon Sunday was one of Praise to God for all He had done in 2013 in the life of our church. The following Tuesday we met with him and Kelly where he asked us about the ministry–how it went in 2013 and how it will go in 2014. Patrick and Kelly have the gift of asking tough questions. It really is a gift. It certainly caused us to look at things we had not thought about and vision 2014 from a different mindset. It also made me want to reflect. The whole way home from that meeting I told Grant how thankful I am to have them in our lives. We all need someone to ask us tough questions. To make us reflect and think ahead towards the awesome things God has in store for us in 2014. So, as part of a result of all that, here is a look back at The Hinson journey of 2013 in words and pictures.

January 2013: Amber had surgery on the 4th to remove the melanoma from her left arm along with a sentinel node biopsy, which resulted in the removal of a few lymph nodes. No traces of cancer were found in the nodes, which started off 2013 with a huge blessing! (Can’t you tell by my smile?)


February 2013: We spent a lot of time praying for direction for our lives. Where was God moving us? Where was God calling us?


March 2013: Amber quit work in the Cath Lab on the 9th in preparation for where God was sending us. We still didn’t know where that would be, we only knew the step in front of us that needed to be taken–and it was to leave that job. It’s hard to follow when you don’t know where you are going! The day after Amber quit work at the hospital, we boarded a plane to Germany for 2 weeks–to get away and to love on our friends. We needed a fresh breath.


April 2013: Still in search for God’s calling, we drove to Ohio for a Human Traffiking conference. Was this the direction we were to go? We also planned to go to the NC missions conference a few days later to search out more opportunities, but while in Ohio, God told us clearly to go to South Carolina! We finally received confirmation!


May 2013: Grant’s last day at NCC was the 1st. We packed up the house and had a huge yard sale. My Sister got married and my mom turned 50, so we celebrated with them. The next week we were loaded up and headed to the trailer park.



June 2013: We were beginning to get settled in and were getting to know people. School was out for the summer so our house began to look like this on a continuous basis. We were learning to love these people.


July 2013: Evan Grace turned 2 years old and we were getting into a groove of life here. We continued to have lots of visitors from NC come to pray and play.


August 2013: One of our first events was a Back-to-School Bash. We handed out tons of school supplies to kiddos heading back to the classroom and prayed with each family for a good school year.


September 2013: We had a great time giving away lots of things at the Free Yard Sale. Many were blessed that day, including us.


October 2013: God dropped four churches and and ESL teacher in our laps in a one week time period. This still blows my mind. These people are amazing to work with and love both The Lord and Countryside. What more could we ask for?!


November 2013: Thanksgiving at Brooklyn Springs was a blessed meal where a lot of food was eaten, a lot of Thanks lifted, and a lot of prayers were prayed.


December 2013: Asher turned 4 and Christmas was right around the corner. We saw friends come to surprise families with gifts and had a Live Nativity. We also were able to give away family portraits. What a blessing that was!



God is always so good to us. We look expectantly ahead at the wonderful plans He has for us and Countryside in 2014!


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  1. So very blessed to have taken this 2013 journey with the Hinson Family. Look forward to seeing how God works in 2014. We love you. Mr. Keith and Mrs. Sherry

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