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"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Cold No More

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It’s the topic of conversation right now. You talk about it in line at the grocery store. You talk about it in the elevator. You talk about it as you rush your kids out the door.

It’s cold outside. Really cold. Single-digits cold.

I saw a friend post on Facebook that she was worried about how high her heat bill would be this month because it was so cold.

That got me thinking. If her bill was so high, that meant that she was warm. As warm as she wanted to be.


A few weeks ago we walked around the neighborhood one Saturday morning and I noticed their windows were busted. One was even missing in fact. The sheets pinned to the walls that acted as curtains moved with the wind. That’s where our friends live: three elementary-aged kiddos. Three kiddos that have stolen our hearts by their bright smiles and quiet mannerisms. I made a mental note of it, but it didn’t really register as important to follow up on at the time–and it should have.

But for some reason–God, I’m sure–placed the broken and missing windows in my mind after I read my friend’s post on Facebook.

How is it right that I sit in my warm living room and look out EVERY.SINGLE.DAY to see the trailer with the broken windows?

I watch from my whole window to see the broken one.

How is it right that there are three kids younger than ten years old living in there?

How is it that it is unbearably cold outside and they sleep with their windows missing?

Aren’t they cold? What do they wear to sleep in? Do they pile on the layers? Do they all sleep together to keep warm? Do they stay as far away from the window as possible?

How can I allow this to happen? How can I sit in my cozy house and watch them freeze?


I can’t.

Not today.

Not anymore.

I called out to God, trusting that if we stepped in He would take care of it all. The finances, the labor, the materials, the conversations with language barriers.

And He did.

These thoughts happened yesterday. The conversations and the phone calls, all yesterday. I’m pleased to say I can sit in my warm house tonight and look out across the street with peace. I can look at the new glass in the windows and sleep soundly. I can know that the kids are warm tonight–maybe warmer than they have been all winter–on the coldest night yet.

And I can say that God worked in it all. He provided the labor and resources. He will provide the finances–I know it.

He provides our every need–great or small.

As we sleep in our warm beds tonight may God remind us that there are those who are cold. Maybe even close by. And may we have compassion on them.

Sleep warm, friends.

Image“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. ” Philippians 4:19


One thought on “Cold No More

  1. Amber this totally touched my heart. I’m glad I took the time to read your post. Thanks for not just noticing your neighbors had a problem but stepping out and helping even tho I’m sure it wasn’t easy. We were in a similar situation when we were younger and I remember the shame and embarrassment might have been worse than the cold. I’m thankful for you and Grant. Thanks for sharing.

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