Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Obviously Daily {2}

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1) Last night we got a text from a young man that we spent all summer with, but haven’t seen hardly any since school started in August. He wanted us to pray for his mom because she was having stomach pains and was heading to the emergency room. We have prayed for this kid many times, hoping to rekindle the relationship and have the chance to pour into his teenage life. It was a blessing to know that he turned to us for prayer in a time of need.

2) A friend heard we were inviting neighbors over weekly as part of our 2014 Vision and took me to Sam’s yesterday to do some major grocery shopping–TWO carts full–and she picked up the bill. God provides our EVERY.SINGLE.NEED!


3) BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) is back in full-swing and God has given me a group of about 400 women to study and grow with–and a small group of about 12 to learn with and lean on. And the kid’s program is fantastic, too! He is so faithful in providing just what we need (and even what we want)!

4) We gained THREE more volunteers this week for our growing Homework Helpers! Maybe soon we can open up another day! Yippie!

5) And speaking of Homework Helpers, my mom and dad came for a visit yesterday and were able to help with homework! What a blessing to have them jump into a huge part of our ministry here in Countryside! (And no, they are not 2 of the 3 new volunteers.)


What is God doing in your life today?


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