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Testimony Tuesday {Lauren Edition}

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Oh my, sweet friends. You are in for a blessing today!

Lauren is a mom of 2 sweet girls and wife to a godly Pastor–among many other titles (amazing photographer being another). I know her mainly through Facebook and we have exchanged a few emails when I was in need of Biblical counsel–which she graciously gave. I knew whatever God would have her write would be a blessing to us and I was not disappointed as I read her post.

[You can read more of her thoughts over at her blog]

May He open your eyes to LOVE today as you read her Cry for her Daughters.


A Cry for my Daughters…
Time has taught me a tiny thing or two, as it does for most mommy dears. It taught me how to pay bills, balance check books, juggle cooking and homeschooling all with changing a diaper with one hand. It taught me about “booboo” kisses and making the tears dry up just a bit faster with a hug. It has come to me through the years by appearing in smile crinkles and little bursts of silver hair intertwined with my brown, slowly taking over. But, the hardest lesson it has taught me was about a thing written of in fairy tales and dreamed about by little girls in their princess dresses…. Love.

You see, my sweet girls, love is such a beautiful thing. Every second since the first time I laid eyes on your daddy, I have felt its beauty in my life. It fills every single inch of your heart and then seeps completely through you, until everyone in your presence senses it. Love is magical… it allows your finite mind to dream of the future and takes you places only in your imaginations. Love is such a happy thing when at times you fear of dying from giddiness in its wondrous presence. Yes, Love is all these beautiful things and more. But, today, I want to show you a couple of things time has taught me about love.

Love is painful. There will come times in your life when you will pour every single beat of your heart into someone or something. You will give and show love until you are drained dry. You will be on your hands and knees begging God to show you why in the midst of so many years, tears, and moments of showing love- why has it been withheld from you? You will try to earn it… You will seek for answers to questions… you will feel abandoned, rejected and disowned. Yet, the pain has not stripped you of your love. Never allow grief to persuade you that Love is not present. He is there, just as He has always been, even when those you cherished most have left you. His love brought pain on a cross so many years ago… and that same love will ease the pain you may feel. Love through the pain. Psalm 55:17

Love is never what it seems. There were years in my life where I had to fight for this. There were people who for years told me love was best shown in a suit and tie. Love looked the nicest with a certain haircut. It was not covered in snot or body odor or tattoos and piercings. It never spoke vile language. Love knew how to behave itself in church doors… it sat quietly in the services and walked out with head held high and tithe in the bucket, rejoicing with other “Christian” friends one day a week. My girls… never believe any of it. Time through His word has taught me the most here. Jesus, my sweet Savior was found the most in Scripture teaching and reaching out to a lost world. His clothing was never listed as being named brand. His hair was never commented on being combed a certain way or off the neck a certain length. He did not mock those reaching out for help. He did not dream of fancy cars and big houses. No. My girls, the hands of Jesus reached for the dirty leper and grasped them with all the Love He had. The words of Jesus whispered hope to the adulterous woman. The feet of Jesus traveled to cities of weary and desperate people, just aching for a word or a touch of His beautiful garment. Love is never a show. It is always in the smallest ways and with the most unlikely people that you will see the true Love of Christ shine through. Always remember His love was shown to unlikely people in the most unlikely ways. Love unlikely people. Galatians 5:13

Lastly, Love is a Choice. Yes, there will be days when it is painful, that you desire with everything in you to Not choose love. Most people would probably agree with you. They would tell you to turn your back… to tell the world of your pain… and to shred the love that you once had. But, true love is so much stronger than that. I know that there were moments that Christ could have chosen not to show love on that rugged, tormenting cross. I did not deserve that Love. I caused Him so much pain… My sins held those nail pierced hands there and placed those thorns even deeper into His brow. And yet, His word tells me that He endured it with Joy! So, when it seems the hardest and darkest times in your life… When all you feel is hate and burdens… choose Love. Matthew 5:43-48

When I pray at night for you, it is hard to imagine a life of pain taking hold of you… to see tears running down your face from being hurt and pained. Everything in me wants to make your life a bubble of His happiness… But, more than anything I want you to experience the true Love He has. Yes, it is beautiful beyond compare… the most precious gift you will ever receive on earth. A gift that may at times be filled with pain. But He chose to give it to you, sweet girls… Now choose to give it to as many unlikely people as will take it.



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