Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Thanks for being so kind

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They knock on the door at 8:55 for church. Some don’t wear coats, some wear sandals. Some wear the toboggan that was knit together by loving hands and donated to the Christmas event.

The bus fills up at 9:30 with all ages. Some need you to hold their hand and buckle their seat belt. Some rambunctiously pick a seat. Some scroll through their cell phones tuning out the world.

The doors of the bus open and out piles an assorted group of kids. They run even though we tell them not to. They are excited to go to their class. To get bubblegum from the lady who always delivers a piece with a smile. To go to their Sunday School teacher and ask if we will eat after church. To run into the sanctuary to hug the principal of their school who graciously welcomes them to church with a smile.

They sit wiggling, anxious during the sermon. Asking time and time again if we can go outside after it’s over. Writing on every offering envelope in arms reach.

They hand me their artwork after church. It’s a letter to me. Some read I Love You! Some read God Loves You! And others read Thanks for being so kind.


That letter is for you. It’s for everyone who reads this blog. For all you who pray for these kids no matter where you live. For those who teach them in Sunday School. For those who greet them with a smile at church, even as they breeze by. For those who let them sit with you and take your gum. For those who wipe their runny noses. For those who come to visit and remember their names and ask about how they are doing.

Thanks for being so kind.

“Love is patient and kind.” 1 Corinthians 13:4


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