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A contract, a baby & a circus

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This past weekend was one of Praise for our family.

Thursday afternoon we finished up things in Countryside, loaded the car, and headed to the North Carolina for the purposes of signing a rental contract on our home in Rockwell. Even though this is not the plan we had for the house (we wanted to sell it), we feel at peace about the decision, the people living there, and the way God planned the meeting overall. So we praise Him today for an answer to a prayer that has been prayed for a long time now.

So long (kinda) Rockwell house. You’ve been good to us!


(And I can’t promise that I didn’t shed a tear as I stood looking at the beautiful empty place where so many memories were made. Read about those memories here.)

The weekend was also full of visits. We spent the night at The Hinson’s and the kids had lots of Nana & Papa time, then the kids spent the night at The Smith’s the next night and had lots of Mimi & Pawpaw time. No time is better spent according to the aforementioned parties.

But even though I love my family dearly, one visit trumped all the others. We were formally introduced to a dear friend’s newborn baby.


This child is one we have prayed for second only to our own children. Her mother and father are our dearest friends and I have patiently awaited her arrival so I could cuddle her sweet self. She is blessed to be born to parents who seek the Lord, listen for His voice, live with His teachings at the forefront of their decisions, and give sacrificially where God leads. You better believe I was excited to meet her and love on her. This is where it gets hard to live far away, but I’m already planning my next visit.

Sunday afternoon Asher had his first official date. Sure, it was with his mom, but it counts because that’s what we called it. After church we hopped in the car and drove excitedly to The Greatest Show on Earth. The circus was in town and we went to check it out. He enjoyed the animals and the snow cones most of all. I enjoyed the uninterrupted time with my sweet boy most of all. After the circus we had a dinner of pancakes and bacon at IHOP where we shared the same side of the booth and Asher paid for my dinner—with the money I gave him. As I told my friend the day before, I often pray that God will burn these moments in my mind so I will never, ever forget them. This was one of those times.


What a good, good weekend it was.


One thought on “A contract, a baby & a circus

  1. So glad you all had the chance to meet Scarlett. Isn’t she just the sweetest, most beautiful little baby girl?? Maybe one day I will be able to take her to the circus…just girl time! Happy for you and Asher to have date time.
    Love and blessings,

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