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"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

I Love my Husband!

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I know that you know that today is Valentine’s Day. I also know that there are some who love this day and some who hate it. (And there are many reasons for both.)

But I would like to declare here today that I LOVE the Day of Love for one reason alone…

ImageThis man!

He is so much more to me than any measly words I can come up with. Where I am so very weak, he comes in with his strengths to help me along. He forgives me over and over and over again and shows me grace when I am downright mean. He handles our neighbors with the utmost respect. He loves no matter who you are or what you may have done. He lives like Jesus in this house daily as an example for me and our kids to look to. He points us to the One True Lover of our Souls.

And for those reasons and so many more, I love to celebrate our Love. I think we should celebrate all marriages everyday because they are being tossed to the side far more frequently than they should. We work hard to keep this thing going, so today we will celebrate!


One thought on “I Love my Husband!

  1. May God bless always bless your marriage!! Happy Valentine’s day! Love you both!

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