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"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

I Cannot Stop Speaking

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The WMU (Woman’s Missionary Union) is a fabulous organization that encourages women to utilize their spiritual gifts to be on mission for God. It focuses on training women and children, educating churches, motivating women to be about our Father’s business, and praying for these women and missionaries around the world. I am happy to have been trained and taught by the WMU’s programs as a young girl in GA’s and Acteens, and am now a part of WMU activities at our church.

So when I received an invitation to participate in the WMU’s Missions Extravaganza at Ridgecrest this weekend, I was thrilled! And nervous. But mainly honored.

My role is to be a breakout session leader. I will present about Mobile Home Park Ministry four times to a group of approximately 40 women each time. I also get to participate in a “Meet & Greet the Missionaries”–how fun!

Yesterday I sat to finish the details of the powerpoint and my nervousness that I’ve felt all week was replaced by excitement. The theme  for this weekend is “We’ve a Story to Tell” along with Acts 4:20:

…for we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.

And as I typed out our life and rehearsed the words, the joy rose up in my heart.

I have a story to tell and I cannot stop speaking about what I have seen and heard!

I am thrilled to share with many, many women the amazing work God is doing in my neighborhood!

I am delighted to share with many, many women the  ways God is changing hearts to be more like His!

I am excited to share with many, many women the ways they can reach out to their local impoverished community and be the hands & feet of Jesus!

I covet your prayers this weekend, friend. I ask that you pray that I won’t be nervous or anxious, but that I will have a calmness and confidence all over me. I also ask that you pray for ears to be open and hearts to be softened in order that these women would be mobilized to go out and share Jesus.

Do you have a story to tell? Is there something you cannot stop speaking about? Do share!


One thought on “I Cannot Stop Speaking

  1. I see strong women and humble men everywhere! I like it 🙂

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