Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Testimony Tuesday {Macy Edition}

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I will admit I almost named this the {Barely-Made-It Edition}, but an hour and a half to spare is decent, so I resisted. What can I say? We’re busy people!

We met The Macy’s soon after moving to SC. They have been by our side in the planning and implementing of many events in Countryside and we are blessed that God has allowed us to serve alongside such wonderful people. Their heart is burdened for the unreached and they love thinking of new ways to reach the lost. As Shawn shares, please pray for them as they move forward in the direction God is calling them. It is humbling to have someone write such great things about us–especially when they come from great people.


Today as I sat down to blog, I have to think about the special people who have asked me to do this. I have known Grant and Amber for what seems like forever even though it has only been months. When I met them, they really impressed me with their dedication to leave home and come to Lancaster as missionaries. I have recently been trying to grasp the idea of making a move for God and they really have been in my thoughts. It seems as if God wants us to remain in Lancaster but, leave one place and go to another. In all of this contemplation I think about the Apostle Paul who moved from city to city as a Church planter and how hard it must have been to leave those he had began to love. I think about how he spent three years in Ephesus and was able to teach so many people and make a difference but, Paul moved on from there to do God’s will.
As I write today I consider the fact of Mark 12:28-34. These verses are where a scribe asks Jesus what the Greatest Command is. This scribe is trying to stump Jesus but, Jesus answers him with an above average answer. Jesus not only replies with the Greatest Commandment but, He follows up with the second greatest commandment. We are to love God with everything in u; heart, soul, mind, body, and strength. It is evident when we really love God, we will love mankind and surely understand their destiny without God through Jesus. I teach and preach this fact and now I have to think about to do that I might have to leave those that I have began to love. How great a sacrifice my dear friends have made as they have moved to Countryside Community. I pray that we will move with the faith that the “Cloud of witnesses” before me have.
Just the other day I was going to drop my youngest son of at his, friend-girls (puppy-love) and noticed a familiar face. This face was Brach, from New York and Countryside, a new convert to Christianity. This is the guy that Grant just lead to The Lord and Baptized. I hit me then that if it was not for the Hinson’s obedience that Brach may still be headed to a sinners hell. This was so much encouragement to us in our thoughts. It is amazing how God can speak to us through the work He has allowed someone else to do. As Philippians 3:12-14 says, “I press toward the goal…” Consider this, Thanks for the calling God has placed upon each of us and the ability He gives us to accomplish the little things. Pray for the Hinson’s and Macy’s as we move forward for Him.

Looking Forward,
The Macy’s


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