Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Happy Countryside Anniversary

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One year ago today we loaded up all our things into Daniel’s big red truck and headed south. As we were moving all those things into a tiny single-wide I slowly became overwhelmed. The boxes grew. The stacks climbed toward the ceiling. I was scared I hadn’t done enough clearing out and that it wouldn’t all fit.

That’s kinda how my mind felt, too. When we stepped into the tiny single-wide I slowly became overwhelmed. As the different smells and people and languages and noises grew around me I became scared that I wasn’t ready for what God called us to.

But as I slowly packed away the things and put them into their right place, things became more clear. I could see how it was coming together. The same went with my scattered mind. As my perspective focused back to my Jesus, things in my mind were made peaceful again.

It has been a wild ride this year. I wanted to put together a Top 10 list of things we have seen/heard/done, but realized EVERY.SINGLE.DAY has been spectacular in it’s own way. That would be a Top 365 and I think I would lose a lot of you about halfway.

We have seen death and life. We have seen tears and joy. We have seen abuse and love. We have seen handcuffs and chains break. We have seen addictions and rededications. We have seen depression and forgiveness.

We have seen suicide.

We have seen baptism.

We have seen Dad’s leave.

We have seen bugs.

We have seen our kids learn to love.

We have seen police cars.

We have seen fire trucks.

We have seen our faith grow.

We have seen people love.

We have seen people hospitalized.

We have seen people give up.

We have seen hungry kids.

We have seen servants serve.

We have seen God’s provision.

We have seen health scares.

We have seen lots of hot dogs.

We have seen miracles.

We have seen God move!

As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard. Acts 4:20

I never realized what God would have in store for us this past year. We have cried more than ever. We have prayed more than ever. But He had his hand on us the whole way through. Our faith has grown by miles. We have leaned into our Savior’s embrace and felt Him guiding and teaching. He NEVER left us.

We have also praised more than ever. He has given us the privilege of sharing joy with our neighbors. Many have found jobs. Many have had babies. Many have got their children back. Many have started going to church. But the coolest?


We rejoice in knowing these thirteen friends will spend eternity in Heaven with us! Thank you, Jesus!

Now, onto another year. Will you pray for us today? Will you ask God to give us strength and endurance for another year? Will you ask for Him to show Himself SO MIGHTILY this year? We are available. We are here. We are ready!


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