Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Alabama {Monday: WAKE UP!}

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So, we thought 10:00 was late enough to start the VBS. Surely everyone would be moving around by then. Surely they’d want to be out of the house having fun. Surely their parents would be ready for them to be out of the house by then.

Not in Countryside.

10:00 came and went with only two kiddos…and we picked them up at the gas station across the street.

Something had to be done. We can’t let people drive SIX hours to do a VBS and nobody show up! So me and Grant got to work. We knocked on doors only to be answered by sleepy-eyed kids in their pajamas.

Oh yeah, they said. What time does that start??

So, by 11:00 we had about 22 kiddos and were ready to get the show on the road. The funny part was that when we were cleaning up to head to lunch at 12, they started walking up groups.

Thankfully we sent them on and told them to come back at 1:00 AND THEY DID! They were waiting on us when we pulled back up with the bus. Then we sent the bus around and picked up more. Even some moms hopped on the bus!

In the end there were probably 40 kiddos at the first VBS. Glory to God!

When I caught a glimpse of some walking up I had to stop myself from wanting to cry. These kids have been through a lot–some more than others, and some more recently than others. Knowing just a portion of their struggles made me even more thankful for these friends from Alabama. They are here with one agenda: TO LOVE.

These kids need to know one thing: THEY ARE LOVED.

Will you pray this week that they know that? That they hear that in the words and in the actions of the mission team? Will you pray for open doors to speak into hearts no matter how hard?

And tonight me and Grant receive a huge blessing. The mission team has asked if they can keep our two kiddos for us to have a date on our Anniversary. Why yes, you can.










Thanks for your prayers!



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