Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

My Girl is 3



Oh, Evan Grace. These three years have gone by so quickly. I can still close my eyes and remember that July morning I first met you. I can remember how the tears rolled down my face when the doctor told me you were a girl. I remember how I felt when you were screaming and the moment they laid you on my chest, you were satisfied.


Those moments are the ones that I pray for God to etch in my mind forever. And you still have a thing for being close to me. Any hour of the day you ask to snuggle. And when we do, you rub the inside of my upper arm. You say it’s soft and you like it. I think you just like being so close. You are nurturing and kind.

Your kindness is seen when you aren’t snuggling, too. Like when you ask our waiter their name. Or when, just last week, a lady was sitting in our living room that we had just met that day, and you walked up and held her hand, talking to her like you had known her for years. I’m sure it made her feel loved.


You are living up to your name, after all. We wanted to name you Evan to remind you that you are an Evangelist. One who shares the love of Jesus Christ. And you do that, sweet girl. You do that when you ask someone their name and when you hold the hand of the brokenhearted. You do that when you smile that dimply, captivating smile at strangers. You do that when you make friends so easily and when you make people feel special. That’s what Jesus does.


And the way you care for your baby dolls gives me a glimpse into your future. You take that stuff seriously. The bags have to be packed with just the right things and the blankets have to lay just so and all those in the house must whisper when the babies are sleeping. I expect that as much as you care for these little ones now, you will have the same heart for taking care of others one day.


In our neighborhood you have so many friends. The kids love to come and play and you make them feel welcome. Thank you. The moms love to braid your hair and teach you Spanish. Thank you. You are sharing the love of Jesus whether you know it or not.

So as we go through these years together, I want you to know that God has amazed me with a child like you. Your fascinating beauty not only causes complete strangers to stop and comment, but I catch myself staring at you as well. Your happiness is found in dancing in the living room and all things girly. Your persistence shines when you refuse to eat anything unless it’s a meat or a fruit. Your intelligence is displayed when you recite the scripture you have memorized.


My heart is so happy that you are my daughter. You are certainly a special girl and I look forward to many more years of celebrating life with you!

Love you more than words,



2 thoughts on “My Girl is 3

  1. I so enjoyed spending time with Evan on one of her trips to Sherry’s house. Y’all have done an awesome job parenting her. She is definitely a beauty inside and out!! I am sure God has great things in store for Evan Grace!

    Love, Karen Webb

  2. Evan always warms my heart . I enjoyed seeing her at Sherry’s house. She is a precious child and the last photo could be a photo for joy.

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