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Summer Bloggin’ 1 of 13 {Alabama Visits}

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My plan for a few weeks now has been to catch you up on all things SUMMER. It’s August now, so it’s about time. We have had a lot going on—from new relationships to new challenges, new partners to new transformations! As I look back now, I can’t believe all this happened in just 10 short weeks. God has moved mountains and softened hearts and opened ears and opened doors. People are feeling their way toward Him and finding Him—and finding a life worth living!

Over the next two weeks I will post daily about our summer. I hope you will hang in there, because you are gonna see some great things happen in Countryside!

Week 1:

So, the first week of summer we hosted a group from Sylacauga, Alabama. Many of you already knew this, but I can’t just start in on week 2, so let’s start from the beginning.

We are friends with their youth pastor, Stephen. We knew Stephen (and his sweet family Julie & Josiah) when he served as a youth pastor in Rockwell, NC where we were serving, too. Stephen called one day and told us he thought their youth could make a week-long mission trip out of VBS and Sports Camps at Countryside and we told him to c’mon! What a fabulous week we had with those fine people. They were so easy to get along with. They were so likable. And our Countryside kiddos just fell in love with them!

You can read about their week by clicking the links below:

From Alabama to South Carolina

Alabama {Sunday: Good Eatin’ & Sacrifice}

Alabama {Monday: WAKE UP!}

Alabama {Tuesday: What’s that in the sky??}

Alabama {Wednesday: Hot Sun & Cold Watermelon}

Alabama {Thursday: Tears & Autographs}

This was a great way to kick-off the summer and start planting seeds. Seeds that we would see grow into beautiful fruit over the next nine weeks! Stay tuned!








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