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Summer Bloggin’ 2 of 14 {Covenant Baptist VBS}

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If anyone noticed, yesterday’s title was “1 of 13” and today is “2 of 14”. I remembered an event that I forgot. This ole brain ain’t what it used to be–especially after this summer!

Week 2:

So after all that fun with Alabama, we moved on to Covenant Baptist Church’s Super Hero VBS. They met from 9am-12pm every day and thankfully the kiddos had practice waking up during the Alabama week and they were all ready to go at 8:30. Each day we would take a van-full to learn about Super Heroes in the Bible. I wrote a little bit about that week here when the kids all recited together-FROM MEMORY-Micah 6:8. It was something I will never forget–those smiling faces speaking God’s word from their heart. Amen and amen!



And the songs. The songs were great and catchy and the kids loved them! They loved them so much, that just a week ago we were walking up to The Connection and they were singing:

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Who could it be? Check it out, it’s me!


By the time week two wrapped up the kiddos had learned how to play kickball, how to wake up early during the summer, a little more about who Jesus is, and had memorized scripture. I’d say we are planting seeds and getting hearts ready for what’s to come!

See ya tomorrow!



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