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Summer Bloggin’ 5 of 14 {Parade Break}

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Week 4

No one locally had VBS planned because it was the week of July 4th. We finally got to take a breather and prop up our feet. Well, not really. You never prop up your feet long around here. There is always something going on that we can get our hands into.

We had planned for a few weeks to have a friend, Angela, come stay with us for the weekend of the 4th. She had some free time and wanted to come encourage us and get a taste of life in Countryside. We had a great time with her. She is so easygoing and fit right into the swing of things.


 On Independence Day we journeyed out to Waxhaw because we heard they had a parade. Being from Faith, NC, I like a good parade. We had President George W. Bush show up in 1992, so we are kinda a big deal when it comes to small town parades. Hey, Waxhaw. Throw some candy and you’ll make the kids happy. And maybe President Bush will visit.



That night we went to a fireworks show at Pleasant Hill Baptist. The kids had a blast riding the see-saw with their friends and running around with sparklers. We took some neighbor kids with us and they enjoyed themselves, too. The fireworks were magical—as magical as you can get when you aren’t in Faith or Disney World.


And we finally wrapped up our weekend Saturday night with a cookout with some great friends. We laughed until we cried. We celebrated with some terribly disappointing fireworks. And we ate our weight in peach cobbler and homemade ice cream. I’d say we had a good weekend!


 Even though there were no scheduled ministry events, God was preparing hearts while America was celebrating. I finally get to tell you something super exciting tomorrow!!

I can’t wait!



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