Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Summer Bloggin’ 6 of 14 {New Hope VBS}

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Week 5:

After all that celebrating last week, little did we know we would celebrate even more. We went to our church VBS at New Hope to enjoy the Agency D3 theme (again). Most of our Countryside kiddos feel comfortable at New Hope because this is where we take them on a regular basis. They mixed right in very well with the other children and had a great week.


One of the last nights I was standing at the back of the sanctuary and a sweet friend walked up to me with one of our newest Countryside friends. This little one is precious and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. My friend said, “Amber, Lizbeth has something she wants to tell you.”

And with the biggest grin Lizbeth said, “I asked Jesus into my heart.”

Tears fell. Hugs were given. Joy overflowed.

She said she heard all about Jesus last week at Immanuel’s VBS and had been thinking about what they taught her. Then when she came to VBS this week, it all made sense and she knew she had to make a decision.

Now my sweet little Lizbeth has a reason to smile. God is so good!





And the story gets even better tomorrow! (Can you even imagine?!)



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