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"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Summer Bloggin’ 8 of 14 {A Visitor and Fancy Nails}

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Week 6 ½:

I have this friend that I met through a job a few years ago. She and I have kept in contact a little, but I do think of her often. We were texting one day and she told me she had been reading the blog and was catching up on our life in Countryside. She had been thinking a lot about her daughter and the comfortable lifestyle they live. She asked me what I thought about letting her daughter come to stay with us for a few days to see what life is like when things aren’t as comfortable.

It was a pleasure for us to host this young lady. She was very quiet, but I think she was very observant. A lot of opportunities presented themselves those few days that showed her a life unlike her own. She saw children reaching out for love. She saw hungry adults. She saw a different language and a different set of morals. But most of all, hopefully she saw the hands and feet of Jesus at work.

Speaking of hands at work, during that time I hosted an online Jamberry Nails party. A perk of hosting was that I got some free samples to try. I donned my nails and was asked about them very regularly at the grocery store and at church. They are, in fact, super cute, don’t ya think?!


And not only was I asked about my nails when I was at Food Lion, but also in the neighborhood. These ladies LOVED the Jamberry!

My nails came in the mail and I had an extra set of teenage hands at the house while our visitor was there. I thought it was the perfect time to bless my neighbor friends. I called some ladies and little girls to the house and we had our very own Jamberry party—complete with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.


As I was trimming each nail and pressing the wrap down, I prayed for these precious hands. I prayed that they would feel the love that we shared and they would love others the same. I prayed that their hands would be the touch that someone else would need and that they would use them to do God’s work.


It truly was a special and unique opportunity to love on our neighbors. I am thankful that God’s love can show in many ways—especially when it includes cute nails!



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