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Summer Bloggin’ 10 of 14 {EG surprise}

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Week 7 ½:

At the end of the VBS week with Second Baptist we celebrated Evan Grace’s birthday. I wrote about how special she is here, but never got to tell you a few great stories.

In our ministry we have the privilege of loving on a lot of Hispanic neighbors. Our hearts are touched by their generosity and kindness toward us. They are givers without expectation of anything in return. God has shown us that there is a lot of love in our hearts for this culture.

And we have also learned, while getting to know the Hispanic culture, that us Americans do birthdays wrong. Where are our piñatas? What about the tres leches cake? There is a better way, guys!

On Thursday (the day before her birthday) we were going strong at VBS at The Connection. The leader of our group, Nancy, told me she had a surprise for Evan Grace since it was her birthday week–a cake and piñata! Evan Grace was so surprised she teared up and laughed as they sang to her. It was the most beautiful thing! She surely felt the love.



The next day we had planned a birthday party for her in our neighborhood. One thing we are SO thankful for is that our kids have tons of friends here. When I asked EG a few weeks ago who she wanted to invite to her party, her list consisted of all our neighbors. Sorry Mimi and Nana.

I planned to have about 40 people (mainly kids) and I knew I needed to feed them because it was supper time. I made my famously easy chicken and rice casserole and my mom (who graciously came to help me, along with my sister) went to pick up the expensive Wal-Mart Ariel cake. As the party was getting started, I noticed more and more kiddos walk up who I had not planned on feeding. But God knows what He is doing.

I spotted a neighbor walking down the street with a large object in his hands. He came bearing gifts—taquitos! They were so yummy!!

Next, another neighbor that we love walked up with a beautiful tres leche cake. About 5 minutes later, another neighbor walked up with another beautiful tres leche cake! And then our sweet friend down the road walked up with a candy-filled piñata! How thoughtful they are. I love to give out love to these people, but it sure is special to be on the receiving end.


Needless to say, we had enough food, cake, and candy for everyone to celebrate!






God continues to show us how amazing He is. We serve a mighty good God!



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