Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Summer Bloggin’ 12 of 14 {Dan the Animal Man}

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Week 9:

There was no week-long event this first week of August, but we did have 40 kiddos hop onto two buses one night to ride over to a local church and see Dan the Animal Man. Dan is from Raleigh, NC and teaches about the unique characteristics of God’s amazing creatures while sharing Biblical truths and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was fun to watch the kids’ faces light up when he brought out not-your-everyday house pets.


But I’ll admit, it was a little frightening for this Momma. How was I going to explain to the Countryside Momma that we didn’t bring Little Johnny home because he was swallowed by the python? Or Little Jose was at the hospital because the porcupine went loco? Thankfully none of that happened and we came back with all 400 fingers and 400 toes.




One point Mr. Animal Man made is one that keeps playing over and over in my mind. He said that the animals and trees and flowers and rocks are going to do what they are created to do. God made them for a purpose and they do it well. The python eats his prey that he is given to eat. He doesn’t come after us because he made a choice against God’s natural plan to decide to eat humans from now on. He eats his stuff and fulfills his purpose on earth. And that glorifies God. Humans, on the other hand, have been the only thing created by God to mess up His intentions. We choose to be disobedient. We don’t live life to glorify God. We make decisions that go against what He wants for us. Why can’t we just simply do what the animals do and keep our eyes on our Creator? I’m ready to live up to the challenge. Hey, if a monkey can do it, so can I!



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