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"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Summer Bloggin’ 13 of 14 {El Siloe}

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We adore our Spanish church, El Siloe. The people there have welcomed us with open arms. They tolerate our minimal ability to communicate and help us to understand their beautiful language. They have prayed for our community and started Bible studies in Countryside. They have prayed with our people and pursued them on behalf of Jesus.

Their passionate worship of The King is extraordinary. They give every ounce of their being in worship–crying out, hands raised, falling to their knees. It is true, uninhibited praise.

Part of their normal church week includes a Saturday afternoon worship. Pastor Jesús, in an effort to reach the hispanic population of Countryside, decided to bring church service to The Connection one Saturday afternoon this summer.

Set up began early with the stage and sound equipment, chairs and tents. Hot dogs were warmed and ready to feed the crowd after the service. People arrived ready for church.


Their worship service lasted for 2 1/2 hours that day. The sun was hot and the sweat rolled, but they praised anyways. The hot dogs smelled good and bellies rumbled, but they praised anyways. The children wiggled and the cars drove by, but they praised anyways.

I learned a lot that day about worship. I learned that if you are truly in love with Jesus, nothing can keep you from praising Him. He is worth every ounce of discomfort and inconvenience. He is worthy of our wild and unrestricted praise.

His word may have been preached in a different language and His name glorified in a different tongue, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t decipher. The example those believers set for me is one I admire and envy.

Jesus, let my heart worship you with reckless abandon like my brothers and sisters and may your name be lifted up in this city!

With Praise,



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