Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Summer Bloggin 14 of 14 {Wrap-up}

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Well I guess you have been waiting on the edge of your seat for this post. I did, after all, post 13 of 14 FIVE days ago. Sorry to leave you hangin’.

This post was meant to be just a general wrap-up, but I decided to get a little creative. Hope you like it.

The youth group from Alabama kicked-off our summer

They set a high standard–the summer wouldn’t be a bummer.

Next we took kids to Covenant’s Bible School

Where they learned to be a Super Hero, like Jesus, so cool!

The following weekend NCC came to share God’s love

They taught the Countryside kids about the One in Heaven above.

Immanuel VBS was next, you see,

The kids learned a lot through Agency D3.

New Hope’s VBS was next to attend

And it was the same theme: Discover, Decide, Defend.

It was at this VBS that a young girl was saved,

She gave her heart to Jesus, her heart was no longer enslaved.

God was showing up in wonderful ways,

We were thrilled and full of sincere praise!

Little did we know our hearts would praise more

As we walked into Crestview’s door.

Their island-themed bible school taught the kids a lot

Because five more sisters learned they were bought.

They gave their hearts to Jesus that day

Praise rang out because they had found The Way!

The Spanish church set up for a service of praise

To the Heaven’s they shouted with hands raised.

Their worship was full of love and devotion,

The way they worship shows so much emotion.

Second Baptist Church came to lead some more fun

We played kick ball and got hair cuts and learned about God’s Son.

Dan the Animal Man was next on the list

The kids learned through those animals that God does exist.

The python and porcupine and owl behaved

No kid was squeezed, stabbed, or pecked away.

Thumbs Up Thursdays were spread throughout

Churches came in to share what Jesus is about.

We finished up with a prayer walk through Brooklyn Springs

To bathe the school in prayer with the peace that God can bring.

Through each event God’s love shone bright

These kids heard about how to live right.

Many seeds were planted and lots of love was shared,

I’d say it was a good summer, after all, God’s name was declared!



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