Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Oak Island 2014

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After a busy summer we needed a break. We thought it was a good idea to make sure all of our neighborhood kiddos got to and from school on the first day and we excitedly talked to them about how they like their teachers, then we loaded up the car and headed east.

Oak Island is our vacation spot for many reasons, the main one being that it’s free for us to stay there. 🙂

But there are many, many special things about this island that make it so perfect for us. We love that the beach is so quiet. We love that there are 124 ice cream shops to choose from on the island. (I made that up, but it’s gotta be close.) We love that I used to come here to Fort Caswell every summer as a youth for the baptist church camp and have many memories here. We love that Southport and Wilmington and Fort Fisher Aquarium are not too far away. We love the food. We just love the place.

We looked forward to our getaway. When we moved to Countryside we surrendered to ministry as a family. That’s not just Grant (as I have heard many say). And it’s not just me and Grant, either. Our precious two Littles are in full-time ministry as well. And that’s one of the reasons we were so excited to just be alone. To love on each other and pay attention to each other. To talk about our life and our dreams and what was on our hearts. To snuggle and laugh and play games and go outside in our underwear. (Well, not all of us did that.)

And we did all that and more. Here are some highlights from our trip that I never want to forget…

Asher running full-speed, being so excited that he didn’t know what to do.


Rolling in the grass without a care in the world.


Talking to every dog owner…


And even walking some of their dogs.


Riding our bikes to the beach.




And washing our bikes (in our underwear).


Asher and Grant going on 2 hour bike rides because there wasn’t traffic and we had nowhere to be.


Sleeping in my king-size bed–that was our first purchase as a married couple. It is the most comfortable place in the world to me.

I don’t have a picture of the bed, but I should. I should have it framed.

The crazy faces my children would make each time I said Smile.




Painting our toenails and playing with dollhouses.




Splashing in puddles.


Evan Grace saying over and over, I so glad we at da beach!


Asher wanting to dress like his Daddy every time we went out.


Eating ice cream.


And growing closer as a family.


We were so thankful for our time of rest. We came back recharged and ready to roll!

Hasta luego Oak Island!



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