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Grant’s where??

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So, I know a lot of you know that Grant is in Costa Rica. And I also know a lot of you are praying for him. But I think some people are wondering what in the world he is doing there and why. I thought I’d give you an idea of what he’s gotten into and how he’s doing. So, here are a few FAQs about that…

*Grant’s in Puerto Rico right?

Well, no. Costa Rica. It’s in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama. He is a student at Intensa Language School. He is studying 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks. He has morning and evening sessions with tutors and is learning so very much!

*So, he went on a mission trip to tell people about Jesus?

Well, no. His sole focus on this trip is to learn Spanish by immersion. He is not there to work or serve, but to instead allow God to open his mind and pour in some español. Now of course he is a child of God and when opportunity presents itself he will be glad to share Jesus, but the purpose of this trip is to learn. He has a unique opportunity to be alone and in a quiet environment and we are excited to see what he gains!

*Oh, why couldn’t he just get that Rose…Rosa…Rosetta Stone?

We have it. We tried it. It works just fine. But there is nothing like immersion in a culture to learn the language. Our neighbors help, too, but we couldn’t spend hours upon hours with them. He is going with a basic knowledge and good comprehension, this is just a step above in order to really grasp the language.

*Why does he need to speak Spanish?

Oh this is my favorite question! Because we LOVE our neighbors! The hispanic folks that live all around us are so very kind to us. They love us and care for us and share with us. Our hearts love their culture and language. We can communicate on a basic level but we wanna get to the heart level. We want to talk to them about their fears and worries and heartaches and joys and salvation. We find ourselves having the same conversation over and over with them–how are you? how was work? your food was delicious. We trust that God wants us to go deeper with those friendships, too. That’s why He’s made a way for Grant to be in Costa Rica.

*Is he safe and taken care of?

You better believe it. Marlene, his hostess, has fed him so good that he may not want to come home. Marlene and her mother have a large house that they use as a hotel and rent out rooms. He has a few roommates–one even from Japan who is teaching Japanese at the Costa Rican school. How cool is that!? His house is only one block from the school so he is able to walk there. He also has wi-fi at the house and at school so we are able to FaceTime a lot more than we anticipated–which is nice!

*How does he like it?

He is delighted with his experience so far! His housing is great. His teachers are great. Their teaching methods are great. The food is great. And God is great!

*Tell me something cool God did before he went.

Well, I’m so glad you asked. 🙂 I actually have two things. And I’m gonna share them tomorrow. Sorry, but they deserve their own blog post.

Hasta mañana!



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  1. Praying for Grant, you, and the Children. GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU!io

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