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PBS, here we come

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Maybe you saw the news two weeks ago. The one story where the reporter for CN2 wanted to interview a family who moved to Lancaster to live in a mobile home park as missionaries? (Click here to watch if you want.)

I know many of you saw it because you called us to rejoice with us. We had no idea many in NC would see it, too, because we thought it would only be aired in our neck of the woods. What a pleasant surprise!

We were excited about the interview because we are excited about what God is doing here. He has blown our socks off with cool stuff. (And I haven’t done such a good job keeping y’all up-to-date lately. Sorry.) He continues to work in people’s lives here in Countryside. We know He is making Himself known and available. He is softening hearts and causing people to think about things just a little differently.

He is connecting people to Himself, connecting The Church to Countryside, and connecting Countryside to The Church.

A few days after the CN2 report came out, we received an email from a reporter with PBS Charlotte. Danielle was emailing because she heard about The Connection and had been reading the blog. PBS is doing a special series called Carolina Impact and wanted to come interview us for a show.

Needless to say, we are excited! Renee with CN2 did such a great job allowing us to share the name of Jesus freely without any editing or misconstruing our words. She is a child of God. She understands what we are here for and she wanted the interview to represent the ministry accurately.

Danielle is so kind also and is even bringing toys and books to donate to the ministry. From our interactions with her so far, we expect that she will also allow us to share freely about how good our God is and how He is working wonders in our neighborhood.

PBS will arrive Thursday morning and will hang out all day. They will even stay for Homework Helpers Thursday afternoon to get a glimpse into real life here. Oh boy, will they get a glimpse!

When we told some of our Homework tutors what was happening Thursday someone might have said:

I don’t always dress up for Homework Helpers, but when I do, I’m on PBS.

Hang on tight PBS–you’re coming to Lancaster!

Will you please pray for us? Our prayer is that our words will be spoken clearly in order to show all the great things God has done. We pray that we are a witness to the crew that will be here Thursday. And we pray that when the show airs, God’s name is broadcast in many, many homes across our area and He uses that to draw people to Him.

What a cool opportunity this is! Thank you for your prayers, friends!


One thought on “PBS, here we come

  1. God is so cool and making Himself know thru you. May He alone be glorified on PBS!!!

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