Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

The panic before Revival

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For some reason I tend to panic right before a big event. I wonder if we can make it happen again. What if we don’t have enough food? What if I bought all those hot dogs and only 10 people come? What if no help shows up? What if it is super chaotic? What if I forgot something major?

What I seem to forget is that we aren’t the ones who have made it happen in the past. God has.

In my state of panic this past week, God gently reached down to reassure me. He didn’t speak softly into my heart. He didn’t send someone with words to tell me to calm down. He sent eggs.

About a month ago we asked 5 churches to collect 200 candy-filled eggs each. That would give us about 1000 eggs for the 5 age divisions of the Easter Egg hunt. This week as the eggs started coming in, we realized we were going to have an abundance. Churches were bringing 300 or more and one church brought eggs and we didn’t even ask them to! After I finished separating them out today (and one more church still needs to deliver theirs) it looks like we will have around 2000 Easter eggs for tomorrow’s event.

That’s double what we asked for.


That’s when God showed me that He’s got this.

That’s also when I started changing my prayer. I stopped praying for eggs–please, no more–and started praying for salvation.

I stopped praying for helpers and started praying for repentance.

I stopped praying for organized chaos and started praying for revival.

God showed up in the operational things, He can show up in the eternal things too. And the thing is, that’s where He wants to show up. That’s where He wants to be exalted and glorified–when we rejoice in the newness of life. When we give Him praise for a sinner’s cry for forgiveness.

Will you do me a favor right this moment? Will you please say a prayer that we see souls saved tomorrow?

Tomorrow our neighbors will hear the Gospel shared in small groups. Our prayer is that this Easter many of them would be able to fully realize the price Jesus paid on the cross and turn their lives over to him.




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