Calling All Hinsons

"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Easter Hope

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On Saturday we prayed for revival and repentance and surrender. We received Hope.

As folks gathered on the gravel lot they were corralled under pop-up tents where they were met by an eager Christian ready to share the true meaning of Easter. They sat quietly as they listened to the truth of Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion, then of his resurrection. They listened as it was spelled out clearly in their heart language that Jesus did this because He loves them. Despite their sins and shortcomings, He loves them.

In between the tents sat another tent with four chairs. A sign hung on the tent that read Prayer. Bibles scattered the table for anyone to take. Two servants sat, waiting for anyone who needed prayer. For anyone who may have more questions about this Jesus and the love He has for them.

Many folks rose up from their chairs after hearing The Gospel and headed directly to the hot dog line. Many, younger in age, rose up and ran to the playground. But one rose up and headed to the prayer table.

As she stood on her prosthetic leg she moved slowly, carrying the scowl on her face. She sat in the chair with her side to the folks who were eager to pray with her. She almost had her back to them, but she didn’t. She didn’t close them all the way out. She angled her chair according to her comfort level and according to her openness–or her coldness.

As she sat slowly she was greeted by a kind missionary woman. One who has seen hurt and heartache and persecution that many cannot fathom. One who is seasoned in praying with those who are in tough situations and are seeking out help. One who was eager to pray with this scowl-faced woman.

This woman greeted the missionary with two sentences.

I don’t want you to pray for me. I want to know why God did this to me.

As time passed, Crystal’s story poured out. Her tears stayed safe in her eyes, never approaching the surface. The missionaries tears, however, spilled over onto her face, falling on her clasped hands. Crystal told of her struggles over years and years, each new story seemingly worse than the last. Things you would never expect to happen to one person, happened to Crystal. Things that people don’t deserve to go through, she endured.


Her seemingly final trial is upon her. She has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time. The first time it was in her bone and took her leg. This time it is in her brain and will likely take her life. The doctor’s have told her there is no hope. 

What do they know?


Crystal is not from Lancaster and has no family in this world except the grandson that she is raising alone. She does have a few friends and they found out about her diagnosis. They asked her to come live with them so they could help her. They live in Countryside. They came to the Easter Egg Hunt. They brought Crystal with them.

Crystal didn’t want prayer, she wanted to know why. She wanted to know why God would do this to her. Why He chose her to have such a hard life. Why she was dying. This God that she just heard had so much love for her, why in the world would He do this to her.

She said for herself that she was angry at God. She didn’t want anyone to pray with her, but she wanted answers. This may seem discouraging and frustrating, and we certainly don’t know why God allows such bad things to happen, but we do know one thing…

Crystal may not have wanted prayer…but she came to the prayer tent.

Crystal may not have wanted prayer…but she came to the prayer tent.

The Gospel fell on Crystal’s ears on Saturday and she could have ignored it and headed straight to the hot dog line like every other person there. Instead, she headed to the prayer tent.

There is hope for Crystal’s heart and situation. There is hope that brain cancer may not be the cause of her death. There is hope that she will turn her anger towards God into trust that He is sovereign.

“For Scripture says to Pharaoh: ‘I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.'” Romans 9:17

Pray for Crystal with me. She sought out the prayer tent and didn’t receive prayer, but she may receive more prayer now than she ever imagined. God can do a mighty work in her life. He is still God. He is still on His throne. And He is sovereign over every life. There is hope for Crystal.




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