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"…that they should seek God…" Acts 17:26-27

Vamos a Costa Rica


As many of you know, the hispanic population makes up a large portion of our neighborhood. It has been a struggle for 2 years to grasp the language in order to minister fully to our friends. We have tried various ways to learn and have come a long way, but still have a long way to go.

In October Grant traveled to Intensa language school in Costa Rica where he stayed for 1 month to be immersed in the culture and learn español. He did a fantastic job and came home with more confidence in his ability to speak to our friends. (You can read that blog post here.)

Because of the grant we received from the Baptist Foundation (read about that here) and through much prayer, we are able to go to Costa Rica now as a family! I will be in class 6 hours each day and the nice folks at Intensa have agreed to teach our kids for 1 hour each day. Grant will glean from being in the culture again and will take care of the kids while I am in class. This is such a special opportunity we have to travel together and learn together.

My very favorite friend in Countryside is Carmen. We have a bond that I cannot describe, despite the language barrier. I truly get the definition of language barrier. It is a block in the middle of a path, interrupting the flow and communication. It is a wall that is in the way of the destination. Carmen and I have a great relationship despite this barrier that is in the way, and I cannot imagine what it will be like when we can understand one another more fully. Our hearts seem to connect when our languages don’t. Sometimes we just laugh at each other’s frustrations and move the conversation to another topic that we can convey more clearly. I have sat at her kitchen table and cried with her, not having any words–and I mean that in every way possible–to comfort her. It makes my heart happy to perhaps come back from Costa Rica with more to say, not only to Carmen, but to all my other friends in Countryside!

We appreciate your prayers as we travel THIS SATURDAY. Please pray for our minds to be opened, for smooth travels, and for happy kids.

I’ll update often while we are there!

Hasta luego, amigos!



5 thoughts on “Vamos a Costa Rica

  1. Buen viaje y que Dios me los Bendiga!

  2. Have a safe trip, praying that you all have a great time as you learn!

    Love y’all Dana

  3. Dios los cuide y logren aprenden mucho español !! Gracias x todo de parte de la familia reyes

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